Disconnected Phones

If your phone needs to be disconnected due to construction etc., you will be notified in advance.


If your phone appears to be disconnected, there are a few things that you can check and possibly fix yourself.

  1. Is there power? (allow time for the phone to reboot)
    • Is the display on?
  2. Have you "jiggled" the cord?
  3. Are the "patch cords" properly plugged in? Supplied by the U of L and generally blue in colour (can be black, white or other). The 10-100 SW goes to switch wall and the 10-100 PC goes to your personal computer

Phone may need to be replaced if

  1. There is visible damage to the port or cable
  2. The inside pins damaged
  3. There is debris on the floor

Cisco Phone

* Note that your desk phone may look different to the one shown in the image

Cisco Phone Connection

Getting Help

Contact the ITS Solutions Centre (help desk)

They will want to know

  1. Who you are
  2. What your phone number is
  3. Type of phone (Hardwired Cisco phone or personal cordless)
  4. Whether a service technician team can enter the room if you are not available?

See Telecom and Internet Services for details of phone service in residence.

Any questions? Contact ITS Solutions Centre (help desk)