Student Testimonials


“Living in residence at the University of Lethbridge is not just about being surrounded by friends and supportive staff and students. It is about fostering personal, professional and academic growth. Residence students are provided with opportunities to become involved with campus clubs, events and professional development programs and services. I spent all 5 years of my university tenure living in residence and became a Student Leader in positions with the Organization of Residence Students and the U of L Students' Union. Through these I gained valuable professional experience, enhanced my networking abilities and had fun planning events for all students to take part in. The more engaged you are the more success you will have in school and after. Residence at the University of Lethbridge provides the best opportunity for students to be successful.”

Michael Persinger

Former Resident / ORS President


“I love that residence is a great balance between all the important aspects in life: academics, health, and social life. Residence is close to classes, the library, and has its own study centers and quiet areas. Residence has its own fitness centers and is close to the coulees/nature so you can get outside for some fresh air. Finally, residence is not some cold, secluded buildings - it is open and with the Resident Assistants, social spaces, and events going on, you meet so many people! Best years of my life have been in residence at the U of L.”

Becca Bouchard

Former Resident /

Aperture Park ORS Vice-President


“While earning my Bachelor of Management degree, I lived in the various residence facilities on the UofL campus. Not only was this a convenient place for me to live considering I am not from Lethbridge and had never been there before attending the University, but it was also a welcoming place that allowed me access to a large network of friends, resources and special events that had I not made the choice to live in Residence, I would not have experienced. My first two years in Residence were such a positive influence in my university experience; so much so that I decided to get involved and became a resident assistant and student leader so that I could share my experiences with other newcomers to the University of Lethbridge community.

During my university career, like most individuals, I experienced many things; some good, and some bad. Like anyone, things happen that are out of our control and can have a very strong effect on our lives. The one thing that got me through the tougher times was knowing that I had a family of fellow residents and the entire residence community (students, Residence Assistants, University housing staff) behind me. Whether I needed to laugh, cry, talk or seek advice, there was always someone there that was ready and willing to assist me. I truly believe that without the amazing network provided by the residence community, myself and many others would not have had the amazing University of Lethbridge experience that we did.”

Kiera Prentice

Former Resident / Residence Assistant


“As a recent graduate, I do feel that living in residence positively contributed to my academic success at the University of Lethbridge. Being so close to the school meant a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning, allowed me to go home between classes to study or eat, and made it convenient to meet project groups at the library. I felt more integrated in the University community as I met many new friends in residence and enjoyed having roommates from all over the world. Being a member of residence meant I had a great support network too, as I could meet with my professors whenever necessary, ask my RA for guidance, and felt cared for by the housing staff. Having accommodation on campus also allowed me to focus more on my studies as I did not need to worry about purchasing furniture, paying utilities, completing home maintenance, or finding parking at school. I really enjoyed living in residence for 4 years and I recommend it to all new students. “

Tracy Fairs

Former Resident


“Living in residence was very stimulating from the beginning till the end! Residence provided me with an opportunity to make lasting connections and foster long lasting friendships that sustained me academically and socially in all 4 years at the U of L. If I had not lived in residence, I may not have met the friends who encouraged me to seek out numerous opportunities such as volunteering at the local hospital, mentoring new students, pursuing scientific research with a professor, joining a club or simply being a student representative on the Students Union General Assembly. Truly, it was the people that I met in residence that helped to set up a foundation for success; the Residence experience facilitated a life of learning, living life to the fullest and 'giving back' to the university and the community that made me who I am today.”

Dominic Mudiayi

Former Resident