Staying Connected

Your student is living away from home likely for the first time! Now that your student has moved into residence, your role as a coach will be vital. Encourage your student to use the resources and student services available at the U of L and stay in contact with your student.

Sending Mail

Wanting to stay connected with your student by sending mail or care parcels? See Post Office to find your student’s mailing address. Please be aware we cannot provide a room number to anyone; however, if the parcel/letter is clearly addressed to the residence building they live in with your student’s name we will ensure it is delivered to the appropriate assigned room.

All student mail and parcels are received by the shipping and receiving department on campus to be sorted and delivered to Housing Services Office the following day. Please provide an extra 24 hrs after delivery to campus for mail to reach your student. Students can pick up parcels at the Housing Office (C420) in University Hall during office hours.

Another option for parents to show support is through the Bridge Bucks program. If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact us.

Encourage your student to stay connected with us!

The Housing Services department sends weekly Thursday Newsletter Emails with important information and reminders to all residents. We ask that students read and understand what reaches their inbox. We thank all resident students for their understanding as this is our mode of communication with all 1000+ in-house students.

Encourage your student to read their weekly Housing Headlines email to remain informed. Students can also follow us on Social Media. See Contact

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