Single Student

Single Student Resident “Lock Out” Procedures

Single Student residents are responsible for carrying their keys at all times and locking their doors when they leave their residences.

Student ID will be requested for all lock outs and a lock out charge of $25.00 may apply.

Lock Outs During Office Hours


8:30-12:00, 13:00-16:00

Students are asked to go to the Housing Services Office (C420) for a lock out form. This form will be used to verify your identity and room location based on student records.


A Housing Services employee will be contacted to meet you at your room at which time you will provide the Housing Services employee the signed form you received from the Housing Office.

Lock Outs Outside of Office Hours



Saturday & Sunday all day

Students are asked to contact their facility Residence Assistant on Duty (RAD) via the posted phone number. The RAD will respond as soon as possible to provide you access to your room space.


The RAD will confirm student identification.

Miscellaneous Lock Out Scenario’s


12:00-13:00, 16:00-16:30

During the noon hour on weekdays and between 16:00-16:30, residents may contact Security Services (403) 329-2345 for lock outs.


While every effort will be made to assist the students, Security Services may be unable to attend to you immediately. You may be asked to wait for the next available resource for assistance.


You may be asked to contact Housing Services (403) 329-2584 at 13:00 or the RAD for your facility at 16:30.


If you feel your lock out constitutes a health or safety concern, or an emergency please contact Security Services (403) 329-2345

See Residence Life Policies