Safety and Security

The U of L is committed to keeping our campus community as safe as possible. With approximately 8,500 students on campus (1000+ student residents inclusive), it is our goal to help and protect our student community. Collectively, Residence Assistants, Housing Services Staff and 24/7 Security Services (Campus Safety) personnel strive to create a safe environment within our facilities.

Housing Services and Campus Safety work together and garnish a close relationship in order to promote safety in residence.

Each of our facilities are equipped with electronic door access. Using programmed key fobs ensures only entitled residents and staff will have key access to our facilities. Your student will be the only resident with key access to their assigned space. The residence community is depending on your student to help keep their surroundings safe. To ensure building safety, all residents are asked to be attentive and consistent with locking their room/suite & facility entrance doors.

Telephones in each room act as the campus Emergency Notification System. In the event of an emergency, an audio file and a text message will be sent to each phone to alert residents of emergencies or other critical incidents.

If your student is walking after dark and would like an escort anywhere on campus they can contact Safe Walk. Safe Walk provides an escorted walk “to” and “from” anywhere on campus and is available to all students, faculty, staff and visitors, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

Students are encouraged to contact the Residence Assistant on Duty (RAD) if they require assistance outside of office hours. The RAD phone number is located in the building.

In case of Emergency | Water | Fire | Smoke – students must immediately notify Housing Services or their RA. After hours – call Campus Security.

Housing Services (403) 329-2584 | Campus Security (403) 329-2345 or 2345 from the telephone in their room.

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