Lost Keys

Report Lost Keys

If lost keys go unreported, the right to a safe and secure environment may be jeopardized. Unreported lost keys will be considered non-returned keys. All charges associated with non-returned keys will apply.

See Service Charges

See Damage Repair Charge-Back Pricing




Call Housing Services

If the key is later found; Door key (FOB) replacement still applies as a resident was provided with a NEW KEY.

After hours

Call RA or Security Office

If you lose your key fob on a weekend or your battery dies, then you must rely on an RA or Security staff member to let you into your accommodations all weekend, until the Housing Office opens on Monday morning at 9:00 am. See authority to activate key fobs.

Resident guests CANNOT request access to residences.

See Service Charges for lost keys

Note: Security Services offers a Key Tag Service.