How to Proceed

Support your student by learning About Us.
a. Our Residences
b. Fees for Single Students

i. Room Rates

ii. Dining & Residence Dining Plan details

iii. Understanding Your Dining Plan

iv. Single Student Parking & Parking Fees

v. Summary of Expenses

vi. Cancellations

vii. Policies

The Residence Community Handbook contains the rules and regulations for living in residence at the University of Lethbridge. The handbook is part of the Single Student Housing License Agreement and by signing the agreement a student also agrees to live by these rules and regulations.

See Tenant Insurance Requirements

Space is limited. Encourage your student to apply early.

If you are uncertain in any step of the process, please Contact Us.

Important Notes

  • Housing Services can only accommodate tours of our facilities in the summer months when residents have vacated. See Tours.