How to Appeal

Appeals Must be Made in Writing

Section A Violation appeals are administrated through Housing Services

Single Student Housing License Agreement cases may be appealed for cause.

An "Intent to Appeal" Housing Sanction letter must be submitted, to Housing Services within five business days of the receipt of the letter notifying the resident of a housing sanction being imposed.

  • Intention to appeal must be provided in writing prior to the resident’s move-out deadline.
  • Submitting an intention to appeal in no way delays the cancellation of the contract and the associated move-out date.
  • Any sanctions imposed will be upheld until overturned through the appeal process. The burden of proof in the appeal process is the responsibility of the appellant.

Note: All appeals must be made by the Leaseholder (student) and not a parent, guardian or proxy.

Grounds for Appeals

Your "Intent to Appeal" letter should clearly detail the specific reason(s) for requesting a review of the case sanction. Appeals submitted that are not based substantially on any of the following grounds will be dismissed.

A. Error(s) in the application or interpretation of Residence Life Policies
B. Clear evidence of lack of procedural fairness
C. Clear evidence of bias in the adjudication process
D. New evidence which supports a different outcome for the individual making the appeal