Essential Application Facts

Eligibility to live on campus

  1. Residence is reserved for students whose permanent address is 100km away or further from the Lethbridge campus.
  2. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies at all times (9 credits or more per term).

Due to high demand, we are unable to GUARANTEE ROOMS to all applicants.

Application Facts

It will cost $160 to apply for a room in residence -
  • $60 – application fee (non-refundable)
  • $100 – deposit (Refundable if the student withdraws their application in writing or email before an Offer of Accommodation has been made or if we are unable to offer the student a room. See Cancellations.
  • On-Campus Housing is in high demand and NOT GUARANTEED.
  • First-year students living in University Hall, Kainai House, or Piikani House are automatically enrolled in a minimum Commuter Residence Dining Plan, with no option to "opt-out." This is a room and board program (There are no exceptions). See Understanding Your Dining Plan.
  • Room rates include furniture and utilities. Rates are based on a two-term Single Student Housing License Agreement, covering the Fall and Spring terms. Room rates listed are per single student | Per bed |Per 4-month term.
  • We only accept 8-month contracts during the academic year.
  • Anyone who has applied for admission to the University of Lethbridge and has their student ID number can apply for on-campus Housing.
  • Applications OPEN September 15th for the following Academic Year.
  • Single Students – NOT a First Come/First Serve System.
  • Single students are allocated rooms via a Lottery System. Watch for Early-Bird and Lottery draw application deadlines for New University Students announced yearly in the Important Dates calendar.
  • Our experience shows that it is important your student fill out their own online application so we may get an understanding of their room preferences, lifestyle choices, and compatibility with others. You are welcome to join them in this process, but please do not complete the application on their behalf.
  • Applications are only accepted through our online Housing Services Student Application Portal
  • All residence room offers called “Offer of Accommodation” letters are sent by email. Failure to complete the requested actions and pay confirmation deposits by the set deadline will result in the cancellation of the student application. A new application may be submitted by a student online any time after September 15th .
  • Residence (On-campus Housing) Academic Year runs from September to April.
  • Summer Housing is also available for all students. Students may live in residence over the summer months whether they are working in the city or surrounding areas, and/or studying at their own pace. There is no minimum credit enrollment requirement. Students must apply to live in Summer Housing.

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