Single Student Cancellations

Please read and understand the cancellation process for your Housing Contract.

If you require further information, please contact Housing Services.

Cancellation Procedures

Single Students - Cancellation Exceptions

Exemptions from cancellation penalties may be considered under the following exceptions:

1.You are not admitted to the University of Lethbridge

  • Waiver of cancellation penalties are considered in instances where incoming new students are not offered admission to the University of Lethbridge.
  • Instances where current, continuing, or returning students are not admitted to a specific program by a Faculty or School does not constitute non-admittance by the University of Lethbridge and are therefore subject to the standard cancellation policy.
  • Instances where students do not meet the academic requirements to continue in a program or instances where students are offered the opportunity to attend as open studies students do not constitute non-admittance by the University of Lethbridge and are therefore subject to the standard cancellation policy. 

2. You have a substantiated medical condition preventing attendance to any Post-Secondary Institution

  • Official documentation must be forwarded to
  • Examples of accepted documentation include a letter from a Physician or Registered Psychiatrist (Printed & signed on Clinic or Physician/Psychologist letterhead).

  • As medical documentation submitted is required to waive cancellation penalties stipulated in the Single Student License Agreement (Housing Contract) or Offer of Accommodation, the standard for accepted documentation is high. Accepted documentation must confirm that a student has a substantiated medical condition that renders them unable to attend any post secondary program during the contract period. 

  • Documentation must be provided to Housing Services with sixty (60) days of the end of the contract period.