Authority to Activate

Housing Administrative Support Staff

Our Administrative Support Staff are the only individuals who are authorized to activate or deactivate key fobs (C420).

Duplicate Keys

Additionally, Housing Administrative Staff are able to issue duplicate keys to authorized departments or individuals and can expire these keys by time and/or day. See Maintenance Access.


If a key fob is not functioning, Housing staff can identify what the issue is via a code system. Sometimes it is as simple as a dead battery.

New Keys/Lost Keys

Residence Assistants (RAs) & Campus Security Staff cannot create new keys! See Lost Keys.

Summer Hotel Accommodations

Each year we sign over a block of accommodations to Conference & Event Services for Summer Hotel Accommodations, from May through August. Key fobs are cleared off prior to the handover and additionally, once Conference & Event Services returns the fobs to Housing Services at the end of the summer.