Your student has chosen to apply to the University of Lethbridge; Great! Now they need somewhere to live. Applications open September 15th of the previous year. Students only need to have an open application to the U of L prior to applying for residence, they do not have to have an accepted Offer of Admission into their program.

Information about the application process can be found at Getting Started. Students have the option to request roommates when they are filling out their application. See Roommate Requests

Please note your student will receive an email after applying for on campus accommodation which will include Important Dates and residence information. Your student will then have to wait to hear if they have received an Offer of Accommodation. See Offer Process

See Offer of Accommodation Timeline

New University Students

Continuing |Transfer | Mature Students

Students must apply for residence each year. Residence is not guaranteed for any student. Students are encouraged to apply early as applications open September 15th of the previous year