Activity Waiver

The Organization of Residence Student’s Council and the Department of Housing Services host many events, sessions, and social activities each term through the residence life and education program. As the health and safety of the residence community is a high priority for Housing Services and the University, all staff are provided with training on event planning and risk management processes to ensure all sanctioned activities are reasonably safe, appropriate, well planned, and the risks and hazards are removed or mitigated accordingly. Additionally, participation in any component or aspect of an event, session, or activity is always voluntary and can be revoked at any time by an attendee.

All students living in residence are required to sign a general social activity waiver in order to participate in residence life programming. This document is intended to cover most activities of low to moderate risk that the ORS Council and Housing Services will host. Examples of these activities include travel to and navigating the Corn Maze, non-contact physical activities such as capture the flag or bowling, and social potlucks.

Events with moderate to high risk factors follow a more extensive process. The event plans are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated, including consultation with and approval by Housing Services, the University, and the Students’ Union. As necessary, additional precautions or requirements like risk and hazard assessments are documented and appropriate controls implemented such as: first aid requirement, personal protective equipment (PPE), contingency plans, and often an event-specific waiver. Examples of these activities generally include but are not limited to events with travel outside the city limits, ski and snowboard trips, climbing or trekking, and aggressive sporting activities like bubble soccer or ultimate frisbee.

See General Social Activity Waiver