Master of Nursing

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Your MN program is an opportunity for you to create new knowledge, to experience new ways of learning, and to thrive in and beyond your studies!

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Getting Started

Familiarize yourself with the Academic Calendar, SGS policies and procedures & your rights and responsibilites; then, start planning ahead!

Starting Your Program →

Continuing Your Studies

Learn how to make changes to your program, start preparing for your Thesis or Project, and follow Intellectual Property Guidelines.

Managing Your Program →

Final Steps

Read the procedures for finalizing your Thesis or Project, submitting your Thesis or Project online, and preparing for your oral defence.

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Starting Your Program


Remember to Register!

MN students need to register each term. Follow the link below for more information regarding the registration process.

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Program Requirements & Procedures

Learn what it takes to graduate in the Academic Calendar, and familiarize yourself with proper procedure.

Graduate Studies Academic Calendar →

SGS Policies and Procedures →

Rights, Roles and Responsibilities

Know your rights and responsibilities as a student, as well as your and your supervisor's respective roles.

ULGSA Collective Agreement →

Student - Supervisor Guidelines →

SGS Governing Principles →

Plan Ahead

Start planning your master's with these sample timelines for Thesis and Project routes!

Sample MN Timelines →

Managing Your Program

Need to Make Changes?

 If you need an extension, or need to withdraw, follow the link below for procedures and documentation.

Making Changes to Your Program →

Plan Ahead for Your Thesis/Project

Get a head start on your Thesis/Project by reviewing the formatting regulations

Thesis/Project Submission Regulations →

Intellectual Property

Review the guidelines below to learn about the ownership and use of knowledge, and how to collaborate with others with minimal conflict.

IP Guidelines →

Ending Your Program

Planning for the End

Be sure you know the steps you need to take before graduation! Learn how to submit your Thesis or Project to OPUS (Open ULeth Scholarship), and prepare yourself for the final oral defence or presentation.

Culminating Activity Route Guide →