Career and Technology Studies (CTS) - New Media Education

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  • Bachelor of Fine Arts – New Media / Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education (After an approved degree)


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Program description

Through new media production and studies, you explore the interconnectivity between technology, art, industry, and culture. Our students acquire the creative, critical, and technical skills necessary to evolve with emerging technologies in a variety of professional practices.

The 5-year combined degrees program provides you the opportunity to graduate with two degrees. Your new media studies prepare you to be a versatile new media professional and an adaptable, innovative instructor in the field of Career and Technology Studies: New Media Focus. The Education degree focuses on three professional semesters, which provide practical experience through supervised placements in schools.

In the New Media Department, you will explore, study, and create using a wide range of technologies and techniques with studies in graphic design, web design and development, interaction design, 3D modelling, animation, video game design and development, screenwriting, cinema production and studies, and new media theory. Graduates of our programs understand the ways in which emerging technologies are related to other media forms and convergent cultural activities.

As a student teacher, you have 27 weeks of practical classroom experience in a broad range of schools from rural to urban, and elementary to secondary, with a focus in your teachable area. As part of a graduating class of superior educators, the University of Lethbridge’s Faculty of Education teacher preparation is nationally recognized for its excellence.

New Media at uLethbridge

New Media DepartmentFaculty of Education 

Possible careers

New media/education graduates are highly adaptable in a variety of work environments and emerging technologies. You may go on to work in industries such as education, digital media production, communications, digital marketing, video game development, film and television, or the arts. Possible careers include:

  • CTS Teacher
  • New Media Teacher
  • Arts Educator
  • eLearning Designer/Developer
  • Employee Training Instructor
  • Alumni Relations Coordinator
  • Guidance Counsellor

Some of these careers require additional education. Students may also choose to continue their education at the MFA or Ph.D. level.

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Admission requirements


​​​First-year students cannot enter directly into Faculty of Education programs. You must complete two years in a Pre-Education program before applying for admission to the Faculty. Admission to Education is competitive, so your entry depends on your university grade-point average (GPA) and meeting other program specific requirements. The general requirements for education programs include:

  • Education 2500
  • A minimum of 14 graded university-level courses (42 credit hours)
  • A minimum number of courses in teachable subject matter with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50
  • A competitive post-secondary grade-point average

For more complete admission requirements, visit the Faculty of Education. Please also review the additional information below to see if there are any additional requirements for this major.


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Creativity is important to help you create your own style. It keeps your work unique. In today’s society it often seems difficult to find originality, bringing your own creativity to the table will set you apart from others.” 

- Jackie Seidler

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Additional information

5 Years (combined degrees)

2 Years (after degree)

  • Computer labs with advanced media production workstations
  • Research Labs, including the Game Research Lab and Fine Arts Data Physicalization Lab
  • Cove Studio – VFX green screen infinity cyclorama
  • Digital Cinema Suite – professional editing and finishing rooms
  • Media production equipment loan centre
  • Motion Capture Studio

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