Agricultural Enterprise Management

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  • Lethbridge


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Program description

This program is suspended for the Fall 2022 intake

The agri-food sector is fast becoming one of the most challenging, diverse, and dynamic career opportunities available to students. Feeding the world by 2050 will require an increase of almost 70% in food production, along with all of the challenges of getting high-quality, healthy, safe food and nutrition from farms to consumer’s plates. And the agri-food sector is an emerging sustainable engine of economic growth and diversification ideally suited to Alberta and western Canada, where much of the future world food needs will be grown, processed, shipped and delivered to consumers around the world. Meeting these demands and opportunities will require students to be well versed and prepared to be critical thinkers, solution providers, entrepreneurs, managers, and agents of change in an essential field of commerce.

About the Agricultural Enterprise Management Major

This program integrates the business, management, finance, and operations aspects of agricultural enterprises. The major will equip students with the knowledge and experience to assume leadership roles in the agri-food sector, locally, nationally and globally. The Agricultural Enterprise Management programming, developed in consultation with the agri-food sector and industry leaders addresses key gaps and opportunities that will increase the economic value and competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

Quite different from many other academic agribusiness programs, the Agricultural Enterprise Management major concentrates on how business, management, finance, marketing and trade and their related disciplines can be actively applied to any agricultural enterprise from input and primary agricultural production, through supply and value chains, international trade, agricultural technology, competitive market intelligence and the creation of new value-added small to medium enterprises in the agri-food sector. Students will also be exposed to how emerging trends in technology development domains can be harnessed to propel forward new and innovative approaches to meeting global food demands, through blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the full range of technologies being deployed to support precision (data-driven) agri-food production.

Additional Opportunities

Students from across Campus Alberta will be able to participate in this major, with at least 12 courses from other colleges transferable and work being done to add even more. The program is designed to be an integrated, flexible, four-year program where students have the opportunity to earn a four-year degree entirely through the Dhillon School of Business, or through combination with approved transfer credit. Talk to an academic advisor today to learn more.

Students may also choose to add a minor to their Agricultural Enterprise Management major. A minor will enhance a student's resume and be recognized on their transcript. Several minors complement Agricultural Enterprise Management well, such as Marketing, Family and Small Business Management, Accounting, International Management and Supply Chain Management. Learn more about our available minors.

Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition

Dhillon School of Business students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Cor Van Raay Agribusiness Case Competition a two-day event cohosted by University of Lethbridge and Lethbridge College and held annually in October. The competition exposes students to the agriculture industry through industry-related case analysis where students demonstrate their working knowledge of agribusiness and agriculture as well as through the industry networking students participate in as part of the competition.

Theory into Practice Programs (TIP)

TIP Programs work with the business community to provide students with innovative opportunities to apply theory to practical situations. TIP Programs include:

  • Applied Consulting: students gain exposure to the exciting realm of consulting by becoming consultants for local organizations.
  • Co-operative Education: this program enables students to gain insight into industry and apply theory in practice, while making key connections and learning about professional acumen and management culture through paid work-terms. Students are provided with the tools for success through workshops (cover letter, resume and interview), practice interviews and one-to-one career development assistance. Completion of the program allows students to receive a co-op designation on their degree and, most importantly, a kick-start to their careers the minute they graduate. Students can even do more than one placement. Learn more about Cooperative Education.
  • Integrated Management Experience: the only program of its kind at an undergraduate level in Canada, this leading-edge program integrates knowledge across traditional functional areas and presents a strategically coordinated course of study, enhanced with real-life situations. Learn more about the Integrated Management Experience.
  • Student Professional Development: students take part in workshops, industry networking events, academic competitions and student clubs — providing incredible opportunities for personal and professional development. The program is available at no cost to all management students in any year of their degree. Opportunities through the program include: industry networking, learning through panels, speaker events, interactive workshops, visiting experts & companies, funding for student conferences & competitions, and a two-day conference. Learn more about Student Professional Development.

Management Students' Society

The Management Students' Society (MSS) is a voluntary club whose objectives are to provide a voice for the concerns of Management students, to act as a liaison between employers and students, and to create a pleasant and co-operative social atmosphere among students and Faculty. MSS organizes various fundraisers and activities throughout the year. Learn more about the Management Students' Society.

International exchanges and work-study programs

We offer semester-long student exchanges in 24 countries, numerous short-term summer exchanges and administer work study programs in Malaysia and Hungary. Exchanges and work study programs provide students with cross-cultural practical experience to apply an strengthen their conceptual, analytic and linguistic skills. We aim to create ethical global managers who are flexible, culturally aware and can manage change and cultural diversity in the workplace. Learn more about International exchanges and work study programs

Possible careers

Accounts Manager
Ag Optimization and Technology Specialist
Agricultural Economist
Commodity Procurement/Merchandiser
Crop Input Manager
Director of Integrated Business Planning
Environmental Affairs Specialist
Grain Marketing Consultant
Procurement Specialist
Sales Planning Analyst/Sales Specialist
Supply Chain Consultant

“Agricultural Enterprise Management is a great fit for the Dhillon School of Business. We are focused on business innovations, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data, and many of these innovations will help keep our food production safe and nutritious.”

  • Dr. Shamsul Alam, associate dean of the Dhillon School of Business

Sample classes

  • AGEM 2600: Business of Agriculture
  • AGEM 2610: Legal Aspects of Agriculture
  • AGEM 3275: Agricultural Marketing and Sales
  • AGEM/FINC 3475: Agricultural Finance and Markets
  • AGEM 3485: Applied Risk Management in Agriculture 
  • AGEM 3635: International Trade
  • AGEM/ACCT 4125: Accounting and Agricultural Enterprises
  • AGEM 4615: Sustainable Agriculture and Management

For a complete list of courses available in our Agricultural Enterprise Management program, check out our program planning guide (PDF).

Additional information

For current information on admission and program requirements, visit the Registrar's Office website.

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