Matthew Letts

Faculty of Arts & Science
Geography and Environment

Spanish and French

Research expertise

Dr. Letts has broad training in Geography, Ecology and Environmental Science, and has established an NSERC-funded research program in plant ecophysiological acclimation to environmental stress. He employs a variety of techniques in his ecology research, including photosynthesis and fluorescence measurement, remote sensing and stable isotope analysis. To test his plant stress ecology theories, Matt has worked in riparian woodlands, semiarid grasslands and subalpine forests of southern Alberta, as well as northern peatlands, Mediterranean forests of Europe and tropical montane cloud forests of South America. In addition to plant ecophysiology, he has research experience in the fields of Biogeochemistry, Microclimatology and Hydrological Modelling.

Ecophysiology, microclimatology, ecohydrology, grasslands, riparian ecosystems, alpine environments, and Latin America.