Student services

    We are here to guide, encourage, and empower students. The Indigenous Centre Team has a variety of services to help your transition to University:

    • Housing
    • Childcare resources
    • Awards, scholarships and student finance
    • Personal, academic, career and employment counselling
    • Student Success Centre
    • Accommodated Learning Centre
    • Ceremony and Smudge Room
    • Elder Support
    • Community cultural connections and activities
    • Native American Student Association and Lounge
    • Iniskim Alumni Chapter
    • Food banks
    • Community services

    Contact the Indigenous Student Centre team

    Lindi Shade (BA '06)

    Manager of Iikaisskini

    P: 403-317-2812

    Christine Goodstriker
    Piikitstakiakii | Mihtsayt wapinasoonah

    Iikaisskini Administrative Support

    P: 403-394-3902

    Jodie Flamand

    Indigenous Student Advisor

    P: 403-332-4455

    Royal Adkin

    Indigenous Student Enrolment Officer

    P: 403-329-4598