Student Expense Claim Quick Reference Guide


To help students who are new to the expense reimbursement process at the University of Lethbridge.


Ensure your supporting documentation provides both detailed proof of the purchase and proof of payment. For example, it may be necessary to combine an invoice with a credit card statement to provide adequate supporting documentation. A credit/debit card receipt alone is not sufficient.

The following are examples of documentation to support expenses for reimbursement:

  • Original cash register receipt with debit slip
  • Email receipt indicating payment
  • Invoice indicating payment
  • Original hotel folio with credit card receipt
  • Airfare itinerary indicating payment

Other documentation requirements/considerations:

  • Provide program or prospectus for conference claims
  • Mileage claims should include destinations and mileage logs
  • Alcoholic beverages are not an eligible expense
  • Record subject payments in receipt books, signed as received by the participant

How to submit your expense claim

  1. Enter your claim into the online expense claim system by logging onto the Bridge and selecting the following links: Financial Services → Personal Reimbursements → Online Expense Claim. For assistance contact Patti Infanti at or 403.329.5182.
  2. Place original detailed receipts with proof of payment into a white expense claim envelope, writing your name, department and the last four digits of your expense claim number on the envelope (this number will be assigned when you submit your claim).
  3. Place the white expense claim envelope in your department’s interoffice mail bag.

Travel Advances

In cases of financial necessity, advances are available on request to employees for large outlays for travel expenses. Contact Jennifer Zgurski at or 403.329.2398 for details.

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