Online Requisition

To view a video demonstrating how to submit a requisiton, click this  link.  NOTE - Since the production of this video, we ask that you DO NOT USE PRIVATE COMMENTS for any information.  Please list any vendor information; shipping instructions; change-order instructions; standing order instructions; or any other special instructions on the PUBLIC COMMENT field.


To view a PDF document for instructions on how to submit a requisition; change-order; standing order; how to make changes/corrections on a submitted requisition; and how to delete a requisition click here.


To view a sample requisition along with a listing of Commodity Codes, click here.


Important Things to Keep in Mind when submitting a requisition:

  • DO NOT USE the Private Comments box in either the Requestor Information section or the Add Item & Accounting Section
    • Please put all your information including reason for purchase, Standing Order, Change Order, vendor information if required, shipping instructions, or any other special instructions in the Public Comments
  • Try not to leave the Vendor as “Choose for me”
    • If you do, the vendor name will always be blank in your dashboard even once the Purchase Order is created and a Vendor is chosen.This makes it difficult to search in your dashboard in the future.
    • If you cannot find the vendor name – try changing your search criteria (use only a partial name of the vendor (i.e. type in Chef if searching for LA Chefs)
    • If you know that we have purchased from the vendor previously and you cannot find the vendor in the search, contact Materials Management or Financial Services for assistance in finding the vendor name prior to submitting the requisition.
    • If you know the vendor is new, leave the vendor as “Choose for me” and go back to the Requestor Information section and type in the vendor details in the PUBLIC comments.
  • If attaching documentation, make sure you use “Requisition” as the Document type
    • If you are approving a requisition that you know has documentation attached but are unable to see it, please disapprove the requisition with the comment to the submitter to change the documentation type to “requisition”
  • If submitting a requisition using Professional Supplement funds –contact Financial Services (Heather MacDermid, ext. 5184) to find out the correct FOAP to use on the requisition.
  • If submitting a change order – type in original PO and vendor name in the Public comments along with the reason for the change order.
    • Make sure you choose the vendor in the Vendor Information section