3D Printing Policy


The Factulty currently has two Ultimaker 3D printers availble for student and staff use. The following represents the guidelines for printing:

  • beyond the exceptions, prints will be on a cost recovery basis for the current best price of filament (e.g. current cost is $30.00/Kg)
  • 3D prints for course assignments will be free but limited to 100 mm or less (anything larger will be paid for) - the number of prints for each semester may be limited
  • Faculty and staff can print for free with discretion
  • members of the 3D Printing MakerSpace club will be able to print one file for free but limited to 100 mm or less
  • printing on the 3D printers is generally limited to Faculty of Education students and staff
  • if you provide your own filament there will be no charge (2.85 mm diameter PLA)
  • prints will be done in PLA plastic (no ABS - fumes are too disgusting), alternate filament material will be assessed on a case by case basis


Create an email to Scott Powell (scott.powell@uleth.ca) with the following information:

  1. attach  your model in OBJ or STL or Factory file (Simplify 3D file)  format - if it is large then take it on a memory stick to his office (TH348) - note: Simplify 3D is on the instructor station in TH 341 and can be used to prepare your file
  2. the purpose of the print
  3. status as a student or club member, etc.
  4. colours that would be acceptable (your desired colour may not be available so indicate other preferences in order of priority)
  5. size of the print in mm
  6. resolution (fine, medium coarse - fine will take much longer to print)

Scott will open your file, determine if it is printable, give you an estimate for the price of the print, an estimate in terms of when it might be done and will ask questions as necessary.

Please be aware that prints can take a long time, your print will be put into a queue and printing completion will depend on the number of prints ahead of yours.

Picking up your print:

Once the print is done, Scott will send an email and you can pick up your print and as appropriate, pay for it in cash at his office (TH348).