Career and Technology Studies Requirements

If You Already Have a Degree:

If you wish to enter the Faculty of Education with a major in CTS (Business Focus or New Media), you must possess a recognized degree that includes a major in Management/Commerce or New Media. In addition, all other prerequisites for admission must be met.

At the time of admission, the nature of the applicant's degree is examined, and a program is planned and approved by the Faculty of Education. If the approved degree contains the necessary components, including a completed teaching major, both certification and B.Ed. requirements may be met upon completion of 20 courses/60 credit hours in Education.

*You may be required to make up deficiencies in your teachable school subject major if the total number of required courses is not complete, although acceptable, at the point of admission to the program. These courses will be over and above the 20 mandatory Education courses.

See program overview for the After Degree Program

See the Bachelor of Education After Degree Program Planning Guide

"The CTS Program is an absolutely essential program in today’s schools — the range of curricula addressed enhances schools’ abilities to meet the needs and varied learning styles of their students, provide tangible and applied learning opportunities, and build real connections with people and businesses in the surrounding community."
A. Craig Loewen, PhD, Professor & Dean Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge

Combined Degrees -- B.Mgt. / B.Ed.

By blending your Management degree with your passion for teaching and learning, this Combined Degrees program enables you to apply your Management knowledge and skills to Career and Technology Studies. In this Combined Degrees program, you will apply the knowledge gained from your subject area to related CTS Clusters and Modules, while enhancing the fundamental skills and methodologies that are necessary in the teaching profession.

Combined Degrees -- B.F.A. New Media / B.Ed.

This Combined Degrees program is ideal for those wishing to apply the creativity, skills, and technologies associated with New Media in an evolving educational landscape. By combining fundamental teaching methodologies with your passion for digital and interactive media, your designation as a CTS major connotes innovation, technological competency, and adaptability. The breadth of our program enables you to share your artistic and design knowledge in various educational contexts.

See program overview for the Combined Degrees Program

See the Combined Degrees Program Planning Guides

Note:  Combined Degrees students are encouraged to contact the Dhillon School of Business for additional information pertaining to the B.Mgt. portion of the program, or the Faculty of Fine Arts for the B.F.A. New Media requirements.