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EDUC 2500AOrientation to TeachingRoger Harty
EDUC 2500A1Teaching Practicum (For A)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500A2Teaching Practicum (For A)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500BOrientation to TeachingRiley Kostek
EDUC 2500B1Teaching Practicum (For B)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500B2Teaching Practicum (For B)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500COrientation to TeachingTeresa Loewen
EDUC 2500C1Teaching Practicum (For C)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500C2Teaching Practicum (For C)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500DOrientation to TeachingDavid Platt
EDUC 2500D1Teaching Practicum (For D)Aaron Stout
EDUC 2500D2Teaching Practicum (For D)Aaron Stout
EDUC 3601G1Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Social StudiesAaron Stout
EDUC 3601G10Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - MathJosh Markle
EDUC 3601G11Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Career and Technology StudiesLeonard Sproule
EDUC 3601G2Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - DramaJenna Lowe
EDUC 3601G3Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - ScienceSharon Pelech
EDUC 3601G4Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - ArtDarlene St. Georges
EDUC 3601G5Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Modern LanguagesGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3601G6Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Indigenous EducationAnnette Bruised Head
EDUC 3601G7Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Physical EducationDanny Balderson
EDUC 3601G8Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - Language ArtsRobert LeBlanc
EDUC 3601G9Curriculum and Instruction for Majors - MusicKeith Griffioen
EDUC 3602AThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 3602BThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersJeffrey MacCormack
EDUC 3602CThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersNoella Piquette
EDUC 3602DThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersCynthia Parr
EDUC 3602EThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersCynthia Parr
EDUC 3602FThe Educational Psychology of Exceptional LearnersKelly Huck
EDUC 3603ASocial Context of SchoolingAaron Stout
EDUC 3603BSocial Context of SchoolingLance Grigg
EDUC 3603CSocial Context of SchoolingKeith Griffioen
EDUC 3603DSocial Context of SchoolingGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 3603ESocial Context of SchoolingLance Grigg
EDUC 3603FSocial Context of SchoolingAmy von Heyking
EDUC 3604AEvaluation of Student LearningAshley Gollert
EDUC 3604BEvaluation of Student LearningDoug Checkley
EDUC 3604CEvaluation of Student LearningKeith Griffioen
EDUC 3604DEvaluation of Student LearningDoug Checkley
EDUC 3604EEvaluation of Student LearningJenna Lowe
EDUC 3604FEvaluation of Student LearningDoug Checkley
EDUC 3700ACurriculum and Instruction for Non-Majors - MathematicsJosh Markle
EDUC 4262AEnglish Language Arts in the Secondary SchoolRobert LeBlanc
EDUC 4271ATeaching Writing in the SchoolsJana Boschee
EDUC 4272ATeaching English as a Second LanguageGregory Ogilvie
EDUC 4310AComparative Studies of Education in Developed and Third World NationsKas Mazurek
EDUC 4341AFoundations of Multicultural Education in CanadaKas Mazurek
EDUC 4571AElementary Education InternshipChristy Audet
EDUC 4571BElementary Education InternshipHolly Godson
EDUC 4571CElementary Education InternshipCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4571DElementary Education InternshipSusan Price
EDUC 4571EElementary Education InternshipDon Shade
EDUC 4571FElementary Education InternshipMarlo Steed
EDUC 4571GElementary Education InternshipWayne Tate
EDUC 4571HElementary Education InternshipAlastair Wilson
EDUC 4571IElementary Education InternshipRocky Wilson
EDUC 4572ASecondary Education InternshipChristy Audet
EDUC 4572BSecondary Education InternshipLorraine Beaudin
EDUC 4572CSecondary Education InternshipHolly Godson
EDUC 4572DSecondary Education InternshipCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4572ESecondary Education InternshipSusan Price
EDUC 4572FSecondary Education InternshipWayne Tate
EDUC 4572GSecondary Education InternshipAlastair Wilson
EDUC 4572HSecondary Education InternshipRocky Wilson
EDUC 4578AEarly Childhood Education InternshipHolly Godson
EDUC 4578BEarly Childhood Education InternshipCarmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4578CEarly Childhood Education InternshipSusan Price
EDUC 4578DEarly Childhood Education InternshipDon Shade
EDUC 4578EEarly Childhood Education InternshipMarlo Steed
EDUC 4578FEarly Childhood Education InternshipAlastair Wilson
EDUC 4582AInclusive Education Internship (Spring)Christy Audet
EDUC 4582BInclusive Education Internship (Spring)Holly Godson
EDUC 4582CInclusive Education Internship (Spring)Carmen Mombourquette
EDUC 4582DInclusive Education Internship (Spring)Susan Price
EDUC 4760OLCommunication Technologies in the CurriculumMarlo Steed
EDUC 4767OLWeb-Based TeachingLorraine Beaudin
EDUC 4990AInquiry as a Pedagogical Tool for Citizenship EducationAaron Stout
EDUC 4990BScientific Literacy and the Nature of Science in the ClassroomSharon Pelech
EDUC 4990CResearching Pandemic Schooling ExperiencesJeffrey MacCormack