Celebrating Inquiry

An Online Journal of Preservice Teachers' Professional Learning

Welcome to this Showcase of Learning and Innovation 

We are pleased to share a selection of Professional Inquiry Projects (PIPs) completed by current Interns.


Celebrating Inquiry is the result of an effort to recognize and celebrate the exciting Professional Inquiry Projects (PIPs) completed by teacher Interns in Professional Semester III (PS III). PS III is a twelve-week Internship where pre-service teachers essentially take on the responsibilities of a half-time teacher.

During this time, they complete an inquiry project. The topic and scope of the PIP are determined by the Intern, in response to the specific needs of the school or teaching context. Interns are given the opportunity for thoughtful pursuit of a particular question, providing insight into methods for improving practice and contributing new knowledge to the school or wider educational community.

Although most completed projects are shared with a small audience at the Intern’s school, it became apparent that the creative solutions and innovative ideas found in many of the PIPs are clearly worthy of a larger audience.

A plan for greater recognition began with the first PIP Symposium (Dec. 2014), giving Interns a forum for presenting to an interested audience of peers, educators and Faculty. An online journal based on the work presented at the Symposium was seen as another effective (and more permanent) way to share the projects, which led to the creation of Celebrating Inquiry.

The PIP Symposium is held twice annually (December and April). Celebrating Inquiry is published biannually (January and June).

More about the Professional Inquiry Project Symposium

Celebrating Inquiry is edited by Beth Cormier. Dr. John Poulsen is an honorary editor of the publication.

John Poulsen, Ph.D

John Poulsen is the founder of the Faculty of Education Professional Inquiry Project Symposium and the Celebrating Inquiry Online Publication.

Beth Cormier, B.A/B.Ed,MLIS

Beth Cormier

Beth Cormier is a Curriculum Librarian in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. She administers the Faculty’s Curriculum Lab.