Information for Parents

Regular Camp Hours

Regular camp hours (Monday – Friday) are 9AM – 4PM with drop off and pick up between 8:30AM and 4:30PM.  Short-term parking is available, and each camper must be checked in & out every day. Campers must review the COVID-19 Alberta Healthy Daily Checklist and confirm they are able to join before entering camp. Please leave valuables and electronics including – cell phones, tablets, video games, or music players at home. Books and non-electronic activities are welcome (please label with your child’s name).

Please see DE camp map for directions.

Lunch & Snacks

We are a NUT-SAFE camp and ask that campers do not bring nuts in their lunches and snacks. We have 2 snack breaks during the day. There is no access to a fridge or microwave. Please ensure your child(ren) can open all containers and wrappers in their lunch/snacks. We will do our best to monitor, but cannot guarantee, the absence of any allergens at camp. Food is not to be shared between campers. Campers must bring a full water bottle (no glass please) with them to camp. Campers must be able to open and refill their bottle on their own. Please put the camper’s name on the bottle and lunch bag.

Swimming & Rec Activities

Campers swim on Tuesday & Thursday at the University Pool. The youngest camp each week only swims in the shallow end. The older campers must take a swim test to be eligible to swim in the deep end (use the diving boards/platforms). Please label towels and swimsuits.

We recommend a backpack to carry personal items and running shoes or sturdy sandals (no flip-flops) as we will be walking to the pool and playing outdoor games.

Lost and Found

Please label backpacks, lunch kits, water bottles, clothing, all personal items with your child(ren) name. We will hold the items until the end of summer. At that point, all unclaimed items will be sent to a local charity.

Expectations for Participants

We want to make this experience an extraordinary one for every child. Please make sure adequate information about each child's needs are communicated with us to ensure this happens. 

Destination Exploration has a three-strike policy regarding camper discipline.

  1. First strike is a verbal warning with the camper.
  2. Second strike is a call made to parents/caregivers outlining the incident and a discussion with the camper on unacceptable behaviour.
  3. Third strike is the camper is sent home. No refund will be issued.

COVID-19 Physical Distancing Expectations

  • Campers must keep a 2-meter distance between themselves and other campers, staff, and volunteers while at camp (including mealtime, outdoor and rec activities).  
  • Campers must not touch other campers, staff, or volunteers.  
  • Campers will be pre-assigned a desk, chair, and locker (a workstation) while at camp and are not allowed to interact, touch or travel to another workstation. 
  • As staff are not permitted to assist with a camper’s personal belongings (including bags, clothing, and opening food or drinks), campers must be able to carry and open their personal items unassisted.  
  • Campers must not share food with others.  
  • Campers will be required to wash their hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub before and after each activity and snack/lunch breaks.  
  • Masks are welcome and encouraged (but not mandatory at this time).

Physical distancing rules are non-negotiable, and campers will be given one (1) warning. If campers continue to disregard these rules, they will be removed from the camp program for the day, and a parent/guardian will be contacted and asked to pick them up from camp without refund for missed programming. Campers will be allowed to return to camp the next day.   

Full camp protocols and safety procedures here. 

Cancellation Policy

Canceled by us:

  • Programs canceled due to insufficient enrolment or instructor availability will be fully refunded
  • Summer Camps are permitted to run under Step 4 of provincial guidelines. If in-person camps are unable to run, you will be refunded the full amount. A virtual option will also be offered at a lower price. 

Cancellation by you

  • A $20 cancellation/$10 transfer fee is charged for each activity/program cancellation or transfer.
  • The administration fee is not applicable on refunds due to enrollment quotas.
  • All cancellations/transfers must be received in writing, by Sport & Recreation Services before consideration.
  • Canceling within 7 working days and 1 working day prior to the commencement of the activity/program will result in a 50% refund of the original registration fee – the materials portion of registration will not be refunded.
  • Refunds/transfers will not be considered from 1 day prior to the commencement of the activity/program
  • Refund requests received after the start of the activity/program will be considered on an individual basis. These requests need to go to the appropriate program supervisor for approval.



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