Physical distancing

Please maintain two-meter physical distancing while on campus when possible

Physical barriers

Physical barriers (stanchions, plexiglass) have been installed when distancing is not an option.

When physical barriers/signs are not practical

For instances when physical barriers or signage are not practical, such as stairwells and some corridors, keep to the right-hand side in single file with two-meter (2 m) physical distancing to promote travel in both directions.

Follow all signage, floor decals, directional arrows, etc. that are posted on campus.

Eating on campus

Physical distancing, hand hygiene and disinfection requirements must be maintained at all times. Clean and disinfect both your hands and all common touch points before and after eating.



It is recommend that you eat in your private office space. If your unit has arranged for a break room area, consult with your supervisor and refer to your unit’s Health & Safety Plan for details. It is recommended that staggered break times be used, and time spent in break areas be kept to a minimum. Masks can only be removed for eating/drinking once seated. Physical distancing and hygiene measures must be maintained at all times.