COVID-19 cohorts are small groups of the same people who can interact regularly without staying 2 metres apart.


How cohorts work

A person in a cohort should have little to no close contact with people outside of the cohort. Keeping the same people together, rather than mixing and mingling, helps reduce the chance of getting sick, and makes it easier to track exposure if someone does get sick.

You should only belong to one core cohort. Limiting the number of other cohorts you belong to reduces the risk of getting sick or spreading COVID-19.


Cohorts on the Lethbridge Campus

At the U of L, a limited number of cohorts have been identified as part of approved health and safety plans. These plans have specific requirements that must be adhered to, including the locations and activities where cohorting is allowed.

Cohort members must still follow the same rules for masking and physical distancing as anyone else when in public/shared areas (e.g. SUB food court, corridors, hallways, etc.).

You should be prepared to identify your cohort, if asked.


Additional information is provided in the Alberta Government’s Guidance for Cohorts document as well as various Relaunch Guidance documents.