Cleaning and disinfection

Here is what the University is doing to ensure campus is clean and safe:

Classrooms are cleaned and sanitized daily by the Caretaking team. The sanitization protocol involves steps to kill and/or inactivate various types of pathogens, including viruses such as COVID-19.

Some departments or units may have developed a cleaning/disinfection plan for common touch points and shared tools or equipment in their areas to specific operational needs. Check with your supervisor regarding specific department or unit plans.

Approved cleaning and disinfection supplies can be obtained by contacting Facilities at 403-329-2602 or emailing If your area requires specialty cleaning, enter an online Facilities Work Request. Caretaking Services will provide training for using disinfectants. Only disinfectant products with evidence for use against COVID-19 and approved by Health Canada are permitted.

Follow all directions and signage posted in classrooms and labs for specific requirements (e.g. cleaning/disinfecting shared equipment between use).

Cleaning & disinfection guide