Inquiring Minds: Mental Health on Post-Secondary Campuses

Counselling Services is proud to offer Inquiring Minds Training FREE to our students

Fall 2021 Dates: 

October 4th – 4-8pm

October 22nd – 12-4pm

November 16th – 12-4pm

Students can register via


The Inquiring Mind Post-Secondary (TIM PS) is an evidence-based program designed to address and promote mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illness in an educational / student setting.

TIM PS was adapted from the existing evidence-based program The Working Mind from the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

The program pilot was formally launched at the University of Calgary in January 2016 and in January 2017 at Mount Royal University. In late 2017, the pilot program expanded to include the University of Lethbridge, MacEwan University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Dalhousie University, the Nova Scotia Community College and Dalhousie Medical School.


The goals of the 3-hour training are to: 

  • reduce stigma and negative attitudes towards those struggling with poor mental health
  • help participants maintain mental health and improve resilience and coping strategies
  • teach participants about the Mental Health Continuum Model
  • foster a supportive campus community 
  • support others


The course's objective is to give university students the practical knowledge of mental health and mental illness so they can: 

  • Use the mental health continuum to recognize changes in their mental health and that of others
  • Be prepared to use skills to improve their coping and resiliency
  • Reduce both public and self-stigma
  • Be willing to be a part of a supportive campus environment


The virtual training is 4-hours in length, and students are provided with a certificate of completion of the training from the Mental Health Commission of Canada upon completion. There are 4 modules – Introduction & Mental Health and Stigma, Mental Health Continuum Tool, Self-Care and Building Resilience & Creating a Supportive Campus.

There is zero cost associated with the program.