Solid-state NMR Computer Cluster

Solid-state NMR Data Analysis Computer Cluster

The Magnetic Resonance facility at the University of Lethbridge houses a home-built, cost-effective, computational cluster that contains 21 nodes (168 cores). Each node contains an 8 core AMD FX 8120 processor (3.1 GHz per core), 4 GB of ram, and cost approximately $350. This works out to a cost of $44 per core and represents an order of magnitude in savings when compared to commercially purchased clusters. This cluster has room for future expansion and can house up to 60 nodes (480 cores) when the second cabinet is utilized. It runs on an open source Debian distribution of linux and has been optimized to run both the SIMPSON and Spinevolution packages for simulating solid-state NMR experiments.

This cluster was built with funding from the NSERC discovery grants of both Dr. David Siminovitch and Dr. Paul Hazendonk and a joint University of Lethbridge Research Fund (ULRF) grant awarded to Dr. David Siminovitch and the facility Director Tony Montina.

For more information on the cluster and any enquiries for use of the cluster please contact the Facility staff directly.

NMR Data computer cluster for analysis