Getting Started

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  • Get Experience: browse the experiential catalogue for current opportunities available to students, on and off campus. Once logged in, use the catalogue cards to directly enroll in experiential activities, register for events, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (ME platform) is a comprehensive collection of activities you can use to track your participation and highlight the skills you gained during your time at uLethbridge. 


It features:

  • A searchable catalogue of opportunities for you to explore, with the ability to customize and save search criteria.
  • Opportunities and experiences that are connected to specific learning outcomes or competencies. Filter the experience catalogue based on competencies and later self-select on the skills you have developed through each experience. 
  • A great calendar of events and workshops for professional and personal development.
  • A self-reflection tool to understand the value of the skills you have gained, and to build a vocabulary for sharing your new skills with future employers and others.
  • The MyExperience Transcript. Share a record of your experiences via a customized link to employers, researchers, professional associations, volunteer boards etc.


Some examples of activities (see Appendix 1 at the end of the FAQ) included in the catalogue are co-operative education, applied studies, community service-learning, events, the job board, professional development opportunities, personal development opportunities, and more!


The activities may take place on- or off-campus and cover a variety of experiential learning opportunities, emphasizing leadership, research, creativity and innovation, global citizenship, work-integrated learning, community service-learning, and certifications and workshops.


Scroll to the end of the document for examples of activities by competency category.


You can register for events, sign up for activities and book appointments for co-op, applied studies, career counselling and study skills.

The MyExperience Transcript (MET) is a validated account of your high-impact activities while at the University of Lethbridge. When used in combination with your academic transcript, it provides a comprehensive picture of your knowledge, strengths and experience to future employers, researchers, professional associations and more.


Experiences will need to be managed on the platform to be recorded on your MET.


When you graduate, you can share a copy of your MET with future employers, as well as any personal and professional development certifications you achieved.

All current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to have a MyExperience Transcript. Alumni will also have access to their transcript after graduation.

For experiences to be included, they need to:

  • Result in uLethbridge academic recognition (e.g., applied study, international exchange, field study course, co-op etc.), or be a recognized not-for-credit activity (e.g., community volunteerism through uVolunteer, executive roles with ULSU and ULGSA etc.).
  • Be administered and validated by uLethbridge, or by a trusted validator. A trusted validator is an individual or organization with a formalized partnership or agreement with uLethbridge.
  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop one or more competencies from the MyExperience competency list. See Appendix 2 at the end of this document.
  • Enrich the community at uLethbridge and/or the broader communities in which we exist.
  • Be completed after September 2019, as a registered undergraduate or graduate student at uLethbridge.

If your activity isn't on the platform yet, speak with the staff or faculty member administering the experience. They will need to complete an Activity Inclusion Request form.

As staff/faculty develop activities, they will attach a selection of associated competencies/skills. When you complete an experience on the ME platform, you will choose the competencies you think you have developed and can make notes on your experience, as a form of self-reflection. While the competencies will not appear on your shareable (public) MET, they will still be tied to the experience and accessible on your private transcript. Their purpose is to help you develop a vocabulary to talk about your skills. launched in September 2019. To be included on the MyExperience Transcript, the activities need to have taken place after September 1, 2019.

Only experiences that occurred in September 2019 or later will be included on your record. Activities need to be managed in the MyExperience platform to be recorded on a student's experiential transcript. We cannot account for opportunities before the launch of the platform.

MyExperience Transcript (MET) inquiries can be sent to