Start Now!

Application to the co-op program means you have made the commitment to invest additional time and effort needed to be successful in co-op.

Once you are admitted to the co-op program you will be granted access to the private online job board.

What year should I be in to apply?

Any year!

Because recruiting begins four to eight months prior to the start date for a position, and time and effort are needed to prepare for the recruitment process, we encourage students to join the Co-op Program in your first year or as soon as you start classes at the U of L.  It is typical to complete your first work term after you have completed at least ten courses toward your degree so that you have sufficient academic experience to fulfill employer needs.  If you are past your first year, the Co-op program is still for you.  Apply today.


What should my GPA be?

  • 2.50 GPA minimum for most University of Lethbridge programs
  • 2.70 GPA minimum for Management students 

If your GPA is lower than this, please still apply as we evaluate applicants on a case-by-case basis.


I am almost graduating; is it too late to apply?

It is typical to have a minimum of 3 courses remaining in your degree to start a co-op.   Contact the Co-op office for more information about this.  


What if I’ve already graduated?

The Co-op program is for undergraduate students who have not completed their degrees. If you have already graduated, Career Services (CCS) is available to help with resume writing, on-campus recruiting and career research. Login here to book an appointment with a Career Advisor or contact Counselling and Career Services to book an appointment with a Career Counselor.


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