Competency Framework

Opportunities and experiences are connected to specific learning outcomes, or competencies. Filter the experience catalogue based on competencies and later self-select on the skills you have developed through each experience.


Competency examples

Critical thinking, creativity, inquiry & curiosity, technological literacy, financial literacy, research, rational thinking, problem-solving, transdisciplinary understanding

Life-long learning, adaptability & resourcefulness, develop, manage, monitor & evaluate plans and projects, monitoring thinking, making transdisciplinary connections, self-regulating learning, overcoming barriers, patience & persistence with complex tasks, active observation, preparing, communicating & defending arguments, study skills & time management

Empathy, interdependence, meaningful relationships, collaboration & teamwork, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, mentorship and role-modelling 

Community betterment, social & civic responsibility, stewardship, philanthropy, sustainability, embracing diversity, inclusion & equity, advocacy 

Self-understanding, identity development, a sense of purpose, resiliency, ethical reasoning & integrity, spiritual awareness, professional development, confidence, self-care, creative expression, resourcefulness