Resume Writing

An effective resume is a short-form, targeted document that shows employers how you can be an asset in a particular role with their organizations. Your resume should be:

  • Tailored to the job you are applying for
  • Concise and relevant
  • Easy to read
  • Accurate
  • Professional and error-free
  • 2 pages in length, plus references

How Career Services Can Help

Career Coaches are available to help you develop structure and content for your resume. Please note that we do not write resumes on your behalf.

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Getting Started

Start with a Master Inventory

A Master Inventory acts as a complete record for you to draw from when narrowing down items for your targeted document. Write down everything! There is no page limit or tailoring in a Master Inventory – it’s a comprehensive record for your own personal use; you won't ever submit it to an employer.

Get started with our series of exercises

Gather as much data about yourself, your experience, your skills, and your accomplishments that will be valuable to employers. Brainstorm your strengths and things that have made you proud! Examples include:

  • Skills developed in past jobs
  • Volunteer experience
  • Education
  • Knowledge learned in courses
  • Training sessions
  • Transferable personal skills

Tailor your Resume

The more tailored, the better! Most employers will only spend a few seconds skimming your document before deciding whether to read it more in-depth. You must quickly show them why you're the right fit for the job. Some employers also use applicant tracking systems to help them pre-screen for resumes that are relevant.

Learn more about tailoring your resume:

Writing Effectively

Techniques to help you explain your skills and show what you have to offer

Write for success

Content and Sections

Structure your resume so that it is easy to read

Format your resume

Samples and Exercises

Discover your skills, look at templates, formatting guidelines, and more

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Online Workshop

For more information on resume and cover letter writing, view our 5-part online Resume and Cover Letter Workshop:

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Setting Up Your Document

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Content and Sections

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Writing Tips

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Cover Letters

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