APST 2010 - Professional Practice & Development

Join this graded Applied Studies course that supports your Work-Integrated Learning experience in the Agility Project Placement Program.  

The APST 2010: Professional Practice & Development course will enrich your professional and academic experiences through professional projects with an employer, career development activities, and academic deliverables. This course will meet a few times over the semester to do group and personal presentations and discussions.  This will be discussed once you meet to go through the syllabus.  

Registration Process - Fall 2022 

Secure a work position through Agility Project Placement

Deadline: September 14, 2022

Project Placements provide students with paid local projects (ex. social media, content generation, videography, etc.) to develop their skills for future work experience. Students will receive $1,800.00 as an award for completion of the program. Students are only eligible to receive one project placement per semester.

Learn more about the Agility Project Placement Program 

Meet with an Applied Studies Instructor 

Meet with an Applied Studies Instructor to discuss whether the Professional Practice & Development Cohort is the best fit, or if you would like to do a Disciplinary Credit course.

Learn about Disciplinary Credit courses

Submit the Academic Proposal

Deadline: September 21, 2022

Consult with your Applied Studies Instructor about the course proposal prior to submitting an Academic Proposal Application.  You will fill out the application and then a copy will be sent to Applied Studies Instructor for approval.  Confirmations will be sent out once completed.

Consult with your Applied Studies Instructor about the course proposal prior to submitting an Academic Proposal Application.  Unsuccessful applications will need to be resubmitted.

Submit the Work Placement

Deadline: September 21, 2022

Share information about the project placement opportunity that will provide 90 hours minimum that relates to your field of study. The employer needs to support you in the Applied Studies course and be willing to complete evaluations and participate in a monitor visit (virtual or in-person).

You will fill out the application and then a copy will be sent to your employer to verify the information.  Confirmations will be sent out once completed.

Additional Information


An Applied Studies course fee is the same as any other 3-credit course on campus.  Find out more about University of Lethbridge tuition.

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Second-year standing (a minimum 30.0 successful credit hours)

APST 2010 - Professional Practice & Development

Course Description

Applied Studies courses are a form of work-integrated learning that combines real-world work or volunteer experience with academic studies to enrich your academic, intellectual, personal, and professional development. During your term, you will create a partnership between yourself, your Applied Studies instructor, your peers, and your employer.  This course is graded, and the weighting and rubric will be laid out for how to reach that grade in the course.

By identifying and reflecting on specific examples of your own experience, skill development, learning objectives and personal and professional development, as well as hearing about specific examples from the other students in the course, you will be empowered to engage with your learning and development, practice your public speaking and listening skills, and consider ways to implement future action based on the outcomes of your experience.  

Course Objectives

  1. Produce an engaging resume and cover letter that can be used for future professional opportunities
  2. Collaborate with peers and articulate academic research around creativity, communication, and productivity
  3. Contribute to other student assignments and participate in the dialogue
  4. Give an oral presentation – present an analysis of professional experience, the organization, and an overview of work
  5. Develop a personal practice which represents your creativity and skillset
  6. Quantify professional work hours/experiences/skills using the MyExperience portal 




Professional Development sessions (3)

Complete 90 work hours

Mandatory Course Requirements 

Monthly reports (3)

15% (5% for each)

Resume & Cover Letter


Monitor Visit (virtual) with Employer


Group Presentation


Final Presentation


Employer evaluation of student performance





Professional Development Sessions

Participate in 3 Professional Development sessions offered through Agility.  You will need to take one mandatory session in Resume Development to help develop your job application documents for the Resume assignment, the other two are optional.  

Calendar of sessions

NOTE: Sessions will be booked through MyExperience; be logged in to help streamline this process.