MIssing Tests or Final Exams

I have a midterm scheduled on a day when I need to be away for a work trip/medical procedure/etc., how can I change the midterm date/time?

Review the course outline to see the regulations your instructor has for missing a midterm. As soon as possible, talk to your instructor about writing the exam at a different time. You need to give as much time as possible (at least two weeks), and you will need to provide your instructor with appropriate documentation (letter from work, doctor’s note, etc.) for missing the midterm, so get those documents in order as soon as possible.

I have an important medical appointment scheduled during final exams, can I reschedule my final exam(s)?

If you cannot write a final exam for reasons beyond your control, you need to apply to the Faculty Dean to move a final exam date. Please contact your academic advisor who can assist you in facilitating this process. A doctor’s note or other documentation is required.

What do I do if I miss a midterm or final exam?

Email or call your instructor as soon as you can to explain the situation. Be prepared to give documentation (photos, receipts, doctor’s notes, a letter from the boss, etc.) as proof.

If you miss a final exam, please contact your academic advisor as soon as possible.

If I injure myself right before final exam and won’t recover for at least two weeks, what are my options?

A doctor’s note or other documentation is required. Get in touch with your academic advisor as soon as possible.

I have three final exams within 24 hours, can I get at least one rescheduled?

You do not have to write all three in the 24 hour time period, as this is called an “exam stack”. You can talk to your academic advisor to request accommodation. Typically, the second (or the “middle”) exam in a stack is rescheduled.