Calgary Campus Programs


      University of Lethbridge - In Calgary

      *Listed below is the Calgary Campus' current undergraduate and graduate-level programs*



      Credential Program Available Majors (in Calgary)
      40-course Bachelor of Management (BMgt) Degree Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Marketing
      Post-Diploma BMgt Degree Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Marketing
      BMgt as a Second Degree Accounting, Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Marketing
      Undergraduate Diploma Finance, only
      Management Certificate Finance, General Management, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Marketing
      Post-Bachelor Certificates in Accounting (CPA Bridging) Accounting Fundamentals, Advanced Accounting, Combined Certificates


      Credential Program Available Majors (in Calgary)
      Post-Diploma Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc) Degree Public Health, only
      BHSc as a Second Degree Public Health, only


      *Note: Fall only (September start) intakes, at this time

      Credential Program Available Majors (in Calgary)
      Post-Diploma Bachelor of Science (BSc) Degree Computer Science, only




      Credential Program Available Majors
      Masters of Science in Management (MSc(Mgt)) Degree (Thesis and Project Pathway options available) Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, International Management, Marketing, Policy & Strategy
      Masters of Health Services Management (MHSM) Degree (Course-based) N/A
      Graduate Certificate in Health Services Management (GCHSM) (Course-based) N/A

      Where is the Calgary Campus located? 

      The U of L Calgary Campus is located in downtown Calgary within Bow Valley College - just steps from the City Hall C-Train platforms.


      The Calgary Campus primarily schedules all of its own learning deliverables during weeknights and Saturdays for a solid 3 or 4-hour block, once-per-week, per course (under normal circumstances).

      Lecture sessions for Calgary-based UNDERGRADUATE courses will be typically instructed in the traditional face-to-face/F2F format and will normally run from:

      • All undergrad courses will typically entail 36 total hours of instructional time, per course, per semester (not including final exams)


      MON - FRI eve Timeslot SAT Timeslot SUN
      6:00pm - 9:00pm/10:00pm (MST)
      • 9:00am - 12:00pm/1:00pm (for morning classes); OR
      • 1:00pm - 4:00pm/5:00pm (for afternoon classes)

      Confirmed course delivery times (and associated instructional delivery modalities) - which will vary by individual course and academic term - will always be displayed on the university's online, public-access Timetable/Dynamic Schedule, once the finalized roster for a given semester has been published.

      It should be noted that no undergraduate program with uLethbridge (any campus or discipline) has fixed Full-time (FT) or Part-time (PT) participation statuses on their own as the onus of course registration is the sole responsibility of the admitted student for all semesters of study (admission to graduation).

      The completion pacing is entirely within the undergraduate student’s control from start-to-finish in that they are given the freedom to register in as many or in as few courses as they wish with each passing term, depending on how heavy or how light they wish to make their respective work loads on-top of any other obligations that they may also be balancing in addition to school (e.g. work, family, volunteer initiatives, all of the above, etc.):

      • FT = Between 3-5 courses per major semester (non-negotiable for international students)
        • No undergraduate student is obligated or expected to register themselves into 5 courses a semester, especially if such an option is neither feasible nor realistic with respect to their individual (non-school) scheduling needs during a given semester.
      • PT = 1 or 2 courses per major semester
      • "Major semester" = the Fall term (Sept-Dec) or the Spring term (Jan-Apr)
        • Course registration during the summer months (May-Aug) is entirely optional in that there are no negative administrative or financial consequences, should an undergraduate student decide to register in zero summer courses at any point in their studies
      • Not all students will be expected to complete the exact same number or types of courses as each other
      • Not all students will want to complete their program coursework at the same speed/pace as another
      • Not all courses are offered every semester (some are offered only once-a-year)

      In contrast with undergraduate courses, it should be noted that GRADUATE courses will follow significantly different class scheduling times:


      (Thesis & Project/BANA Pathways)


      (F2F Sessions | Only 4, per course, per semester)

      • Mornings (starting as early as 10:00am) or Afternoons (starting no later than 3:00pm), MON - FRI (per individual course section)
      • Certain course sections may be delivered via videoconferencing to an onsite Calgary Campus room
      • There will be no weekend-scheduled classes
      • Self-Directed study capstone courses (i.e. MGT 6100 and BANA 6100), will entail instructor-determined class times
      • 4:00pm - 9:00pm (MST) for FRI scheduled classes
      • 10:00am - 3:00pm (MST) for SAT scheduled classes
      • Remainder of class time in-between F2F sessions will be delivered online (individual instructor to provide participation details in respective course syllabus)
      • There will be no SUN - THURS scheduled F2F classes

      **IMPORTANT NOTE: The Calgary Campus currently does not possess any of its own institutionally-managed (onsite or offsite) housing services for admitted students, at this time. All student who are in need of living accommodations within the City of Calgary, will be responsible for sourcing and coordinating their own living arrangements via researching local listing websites, such as (but not limited to):

      A good rule-of-thumb to be mindful of when searching for a new living residence in the City of Calgary would be to find one that is not only affordable, but is also within reasonable commuting distance from both a grocery store (e.g. The Real Canadian Superstore, Co-Op, Safeway, Sobeys, IGA, Save on Foods, No Frills, etc.) as well as the nearest Calgary public transit bus stop or train station terminal. If needed, the following websites will detail further information about the legal rights of renters and landlords residing within the province of Alberta: