Financial Resources

  1. Scholarships and Student Finance, University of Lethbridge
  2. Student Aid Alberta, Government of Alberta
  3. Student Financial Assistance, Government of Canada
  4. Scholarships Canada

Scholarships and Student Finance

University of Lethbridge
Phone: 403-329-2585

The Scholarships and Student Finance office offers a variety of services to help guide students and parents through university life. Postsecondary education is an important investment and the Scholarships and Student Finance office provides students with resources and assistance to help students achieve their goals.  They provide a variety of services through information about scholarships and awards, student loans, student funding, and information about budgeting and other money matters. Information can be found on their website or by calling the office directly.


Student Aid Alberta

Government of Alberta

Student Aid Alberta provides information regarding student loans and funding for Alberta Students. This includes information about preparing and applying for student loans, student aid policies, repayments and scholarships. 


Student Financial Assistance

Government of Canada

The Student financial Assistance website provides information regarding student loans and grants, education savings, financial assistance and scholarships. The website also includes information about provincial and territorial student financial assistance offices.


Scholarships Canada

Scholarships Canada has a database on many different scholarships for student school specific scholarships and external awards. Students can create a profile to receive information about scholarships that they qualify for.