Welcome to the University of Lethbridge, In Calgary

Welcome to the University of Lethbridge, in Calgary

Information and Services available to Current Students

uLethbridge's Academic Writing Centre (headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus) has a team of writing tutors who are able to connect with non-Lethbridge students virtually (and FREE of charge) for help and guidance with writing their class papers - specifically in terms of polishing up their overall structure, cohesiveness, and flow/readability, prior to assignment submission.

It should be noted however that the Writing Centre is NOT a proof-reading service so your assigned tutor (once confirmed for a booking) will unfortunately not review and edit your assignments for you. Instead, they will go through your assignments WITH you so that you can learn the skills and techniques needed to eventually build high quality, university-level papers on your own.

Register an account with the Writing Centre (in the above link) and book an appointment today!

Questions? Please contact the Academic Writing Centre directly at writing.centre@uleth.ca for assistance.

uLethbridge's Accommodated Learning Centre (ALC) (headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus) facilitates equitable learning supports for all university learners with documented disabilities, in terms of both participating in academic courses (e.g. specialized and individually tailored-technology or other logistical arrangements for listening to in-person lectures or writing exams) as well as ensuring a seamless student experience for all terms of study, from admittance-to-graduation. In addition, the ALC has  also sourced for and created a variety of other Online Learning Resources that have been made accessible to all students.

Questions? Contact the ALC office at alc@uleth.ca


  • Many other schools use this student-dedicated WiFi network as well (e.g. The Lethbridge Campus, the U of C, MRU etc.)
  • The "UofL" network is specifically configured to only recognize staff and faculty log-in information

USERNAME/IDENTITY: Full uLethbridge email address (e.g. username@uleth.ca)

PASSWORD: Same as your Bridge, ULETH Webmail, and Moodle accounts

*Android Users: Do not accept Certificates


All admitted students from any faculty and program are provided with the opportunity to apply for an outbound education abroad experience to one of uLethbridge’s many partner institutions (to supplement their course-based studies) by way of: term-based exchanges, internships, work study programs, study tours, and more!

If you are interested in incorporating an optional international exchange (in the future) as part of your individual program, please email calgary.advising@uleth.ca for additional guidance - ideally, well in advance (i.e. 1 year) of even applying for an exchange.

Questions about uLethbridge's Outbound Education Abroad Program? Please email the uLethbridge Outgoing International Exchange office at outgoing@uleth.ca

uLethbridge’s team of Career Coaches will remotely assist any University of Lethbridge students (domestic, international, undergraduate, graduate), and alumni with their career planning and job advising-related needs. Some of their most frequently accessed online resources include:

Questions? Contact the uLethbridge Career Bridge office at career.bridge@uleth.ca or book an online appointment via the MyExperiencePlatform 

uLethbridge's Counselling Services department (headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus) has a team of trained counsellors who are able to connect with non-Lethbridge students virtually for their mental health or general counselling-related needs.

Some of the CS team's available services include: brief personal counselling, wellness workships, and self-help & peer support.

Some personal issues that uLethbridge's counsellors can assist with include but are not limited to: adjusting to university life, anger management, anxiety and panic, depression, family or relationship issues, grief and loss, life events and transitions, stress management, sexual/physical/emotional abuse, and suicidal thoughts.

Scheduling an appointment is accomplished via the following avenues as the first step:

Note: If this is an emergency, please call 9-1-1 or contact the Calgary Distress Centre's 24/7 Crisis Line at 403-266-4357

Organization Services Contact Information
uLethbridge Health Centre Mental Health Services, Alcohol & Drug Awareness

Email: health.centre@uleth.ca

Phone: 1-403-429-2484 (City of Lethbridge Number)

Imagine Health Care Centre (Calgary DT location) - BVC West Campus building Walk-in clinic, Pharmacy, Chiropractor, Massage Therapist

Address: #100 - 300, 6th Ave SE (T2G 4S6)

Phone: 403-775-9669

Hours: 8:30am - 4:30pm (MST), Mon to Fri. Closed on weekends

BVC Multi-Faith Room - BVC, 2nd floor, South Campus tower Designated space for spiritual practice. Can be accessed even by ULETH-Calgary students on a drop-in bases for prayer, workship, or meditation

Email: student.affairs@bowvalleycollege.ca

Phone: 403-410-1723

BVC Security & Safewalk Off-campus walking escorts (by a BVC Security Guard) within a 2 block radius from Bow Valley College. Available 24/7.

Office: BVC, 1st floor, North Campus tower (must engage in-person)

Phone: 403-410-1713

7 Cups of Tea On-demand, anonymous, and secure emotional health service and online therapy provider. 1-on-1 chat through uLethbridge's dedicated platform.

Click on link at beginning of this row and log-in with Bridge credentials. Also available via App Store or Google Play.

7 Cups - About Us & FAQ

All successfully admitted undergraduate and graduate program students (domestic and international) are provided with the opportunity to apply into the university’s Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Program (“Co-op” for short) as a way to supplement their studies and enhance the value of their program and potential employment prospects upon graduation. Co-op job positions will usually consist of full-time paid work experience and will be typically related to the student’s respective area of study/major.

At this time, Co-op Work Terms are not built directly into any given uLethbridge credential program’s curriculum and are also not required for graduation purposes, at this time – that is, they are 100% OPTIONAL, meaning that a student can fully graduate from their respective uLethbridge credential program without pursuing a Co-op.

Admission into Co-op will entail its own separate application process to which individual students can elect to apply for at any time during their studies (even during one's first year) so long as it is accomplished before formally applying to graduate from the university during their last term of study.

Questions? Contact the uLethbridge Career Bridge office at career.bridge@uleth.ca or book an online appointment with a Co-op Coordinator via the My Experience Platform

MyExperience is a portal designed to help you find, manage, and share your ULethbridge experiences. All current undergraduate and graduate students have an account, all you have to do is log in!  Once you do, you will be able to engage with MyExperience and your MyExperienceTranscript to better support your professional development, skills articulation, and to also gain access to experiential opportunities.

MyExperience Transcript (MET) is a validated record of the experiences that you have engaged in while at the University of Lethbridge.


What can I do on MyExperience?

Log in to explore your opportunities

Experience Catalogue: Browse our Experience Catalogue full of opportunities for you to explore, with the ability to customize and save search criteria.

MyExperience Transcript: View and share your MyExperience Transcript (MET), add experiences, and utilize self-reflection tools to look back on your experiences.

Careers Job Board: Search Careers job postings. All current students and alumni can access the Careers Job Board.

Co-op: Apply to Co-op, and gain access to the Co-op Job Board. Access resume, cover letter, and interview resources as well as manage your assignments.

Applied Studies: Search Applied Studies positions and manage your assignments.

Events & Workshops: Explore our great calendar entitled Events & Workshops to access professional and personal development opportunities.

Book Appointments: Book appointments for Careers, Co-op, Applied Studies, and Study Skills.

Campus Programs: Enroll and track your progress in a variety of campus programs.

MyWorldAbroad: Everything you need to start your journey abroad.

Student Professional Development (SPD) via the Dhillon School of Business is an experiential learning program designed to provide admitted business students (any credential, admission route, major, year of study, and campus) with the opportunity to access complimentary services which are specifically aimed at enhancing workplace-ready skills and experiences including, but not limited to:

  • Industry speaker and networking events
  • Interactive skills workshops
  • Industry Panels
  • Major-specific events
  • Professional Development Conferences

For detailed information, please visit the below weblinks:

Questions? Contact the DSB SPD Office-Calgary Area Inbox at dhillon.spdcal@uleth.ca for assistance.

uLethbridge’s team of Indigenous Student Advisors in its Indigenous Student Centre at Iikaisskini (headquartered at the Lethbridge Campus) are able to remotely assist non-Lethbridge Indigenous / FNMI-status students with matters such as: sponsorship guidance, Elder support, personal/career/employment counselling, liaising with community agencies, and more!

Questions? Please contact the uLethbridge Indigenous Student Affairs office at fnmiss@uleth.ca for assistance

If interested, Bow Valley College's own Iniikokaan Centre (Room S2015 - 345, 6th Ave SE | 2nd floor, BVC South Campus tower) is also available for Calgary Campus-based, uLethbridge, FNMI students to engage for support and outreach.

uLethbridge’s team of certified, Regulated International Student Immigration Advisors (RISIA) in its International Centre are able to remotely assist any non-Lethbridge Campus based international students with their permit/visa, immigration, or Canadian residency-related needs.

*Note: International Student Advisors are NOT THE SAME as Academic Program Advisors

Questions? Contact the uLethbridge International Centre at international.advice@uleth.ca for assistance

Moodle is the University of Lethbridge’s primary and secured learning management system. Both instructors as well as certain administrative offices will use Moodle to digitally administer materials and other informational resources to students (course-related or otherwise), where appropriate.

*The log-in credentials for one's Moodle account will be identical to one's Bridge account.

NOTE: Individual course dashboards which appear “greyed out” in Moodle during a given semester, usually mean that either 1-of-2 possible situations have occurred (most common):

  1. The instructor has not rendered the course “live/visible” for all registered students to access just yet (i.e. it is still being configured behind the scenes); OR
  2. The instructor is not planning on using Moodle at all for their individual course section for the current semester

In either instance, it is considered best practice for the student to contact the appropriate course instructor directly for clarification on the viewership status of their respective Moodle dashboards, if any, assuming that the latter has not already emailed students of what to do in terms of pre-class preparation beforehand. How Moodle dashboards for term-specific courses are configured and managed, is the exclusive responsibility of the course instructor, only.

All active uLethbridge Calgary Campus students are able book one of Bow Valley College's own available study rooms via their online booking forms here: https://bowvalleycollege.ca/student-resources/academic-services/study-room-booking (availability permitting). Will require the eventual entry of your @uleth.ca email address in order to finalize the booking.

Because these on-campus study rooms are exclusively owned and operated by Bow Valley College, rather than the ULETH-Calgary Campus, all requesting ULETH students will thus be required to comply with the college's own booking procedures and appropriate usage policies.

The University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus unfortunately does not possess its own onsite print shop/copy centre, at this time.

As a result, all students who are are in need of printing services (e.g. for class handouts or papers/projects), must instead seek out and engage the assitance of other external providers and subsequently abide by the latter's own customer pricing schemes (out-of-pocket) and established hours of operation.

Some example business both within and around the Bow Valley College area include:

  • Rileys (1st floor, BVC South Campus tower)
  • The Calgary Central Library (800 - 3rd St SE, just across the C-train line tracks and east of the City Hall train stations) - MUST have a valid Calgary Public Library Card on-hand

At this time, all financial awards will only be accessible to successfully admitted and active uLethbridge students.

UNDERGRADUATE scholarship opportunities and their respective eligibility conditions, are to be viewed and applied to online via your Bridge account > Log-in > “Student” Tab > Apply for ULETH Scholarships, Awards, and Bursaries

GRADUATE scholarship opportunities and their respective eligibility conditions, can be viewed on the uLethbridge School of Graduate Studies' (SGS) online database

EXTERNAL (non-uLethbridge affiliated) AWARDS:

All admitted students who have also accepted the university's offer of admission, will have their own ULETH webmail account (which uses the Microsoft 365 interface) automatically created for them once they have set-up their Bridge account.

*The log-in credentials for your ULETH Webmail account will be identical to your Bridge account.

Emails from instructors and other university offices will only be delivered to your @uleth.ca email account (not personal emails) once you are an active student, so make sure that you regularly check your webmail account for any new messages, ideally once-a-day, at a minimum.

We also strongly encourage all active students to only use their @uleth.ca accounts, rather than their personal ones, when emailing any uLethbridge office inbox or employee. This is so that the culminating communications can be kept secured within the university's servers and also delivered to the receiving ULETH inbox in a prompt and timely manner. Consistently emailing the university through a personal email account has been found to have the sent messages from either end sometimes inadvertently end up in either the student's or the receiving university office/employee's junk or spam mail folders.


Alumni Accounts (@alumni.uleth.ca): Students who successfully graduate from the university will have their respective @uleth.ca email accounts remain active for only a  period of 12 months, following their designated date of conferral. Once this grace period is up, the student's @uleth.ca account will then be deactivated and subsequently replaced with an @alumni.uleth.ca email account.

It is strongly recommended that all newly graduated students forward any important messages that they would like to keep for reference from their @uleth.ca account, over to either their @alumni.uleth.ca account or an alternate personal account during the 12-month post-graduation grace period as once this window has concluded, all messages that were stored in the original @uleth.ca account will be automatically and permanently deleted thereafter.


Log-in Issues? Contact the ULETH IT Solutions Centre at 1-403-329-2490 (City of Lethbridge number) for assistance. Their hours of operation will normally run from 7:30am - 5:00pm, Mon - Fri . Please have your 9-digit student ID number ready to recite to an IT technician when prompted, for faster service.

uLethbridge’s own Student Health & Dental Benefits plan (for both undergraduate and graduate students) is administered by Medavie Blue Cross and exclusively managed by the uLethbridge Students’ Union (ULSU).

  • Plan Coverage & Forms via the Student VIP website > select University of Lethbridge Students’ Union (ulsu) from the "Please select your school" drop down box on the main landing page
    • ULETH Student Benefit Year: Sept 1 – Aug 31
    • Full-Time students are AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED into the H&D plan for the remainder of that benefit year
      • Can opt-out of the H&D plan (via the Bridge) for that year + have the respective premiums refunded back to them, if they can submit proof of alternate coverage (e.g. personal, through parents, through spouse, through employer etc.)
    • Part-Time students are NOT AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in the H&D plan however, they may elect to opt-in to it via form (obtained from the Student VIP website), if needed
  • H&D Benefits Card: In order for students to effectively use their ULSU H&D benefits, they will need to be in possession of a ULSU H&D Benefits Card (physical or digital) in order present to any given health or wellness service provider as proof of their enrollment in the plan. Acquiring a benefits card is accomplished through 1-of-2 ways: 
    • ​Download a digital benefits card via the Student VIP site; OR
    • Visit the Calgary Campus office during its in-person office hours to obtain a physical plastic card
      • **​Note: The Calgary Campus office will only distribute physical H&D benefits cards to students, if and only if the student can be confirmed to have at least paid the established benefits premiums towards their university fees (as per their student account), at the time of request.
  • Interested in adding dependents to your individual ULSU student H&D plan coverage?
    • Visit the ULSU's page on the Student VIP site > Forms & Documents > Registration Forms > download (laptop or PC works best) and complete the Student Health Coverage Enrollment/Add-On (Part-Time Students and/or Family Opt-In) form > submit with payment via regular letter mail to the ULSU Health & Dental Plan Office, Room SU180, 4401 University Drive W, Lethbridge, AB  T1K 3M4 (form and payment submission instructions also present on form)
  • Benefits will only take effect after:
    • The H&D Opt-in/Opt-out deadline for the given semester has passed (visit the Student VIP website to determine exact term-specific dates) AND
    • The student has at least paid the established benefit premiums to the university (see your "Account Summary by Term" report on your Bridge account)
  • General information about health insurance for active uLethbridge students

Questions? Contact the ULSU Health & Dental Benefits office at su.health@uleth.ca


All active uLeth students must have a valid student ID card on their person for campus visitation verification purposes.

Requesting either a new or a replacement card is all accomplished online via the university’s IT Service Now Portal as the very first step > log-in with the same username + password combination as your Bridge account > “Request a Service” Tab (top of landing page) > Request Campus ID Card > Complete online form as instructed & upload chosen photo before submitting.

  • What U of L Campus will you be attending = Northern Campus - Calgary
    • This is to ensure that your ID card is eventually printed in Calgary, rather than in Lethbridge
  • Please ensure that your chosen photo for uploading captures your image from the mid-chest/collarbone, up to and clears the top of your head (no cut-offs), and with eyes facing forward.
    •  Smiling is permitted
    • Things that are NOT PERMITTED for your ID card photo:
      • Hats (unless for religious or cultural reasons)
      • Sunglasses (regular reading/vision glasses are fine)
      • Distracting props
      • Non-neutral body positions
    • While not required, try to ensure that the background of your chosen photo is a plain/non-distracting one (e.g. like a passport or a school photo)
    • Note: Any ID card requests with improper, blurry, or absent photos will prompt for their re-submission, which will subsequently delay their printing.
  • All printed ULETH student ID cards will have an expiry date of exactly 4 years from their original date of creation, which will be denoted on the reverse side of the card

Students will be eventually sent a follow-up email from the Calgary Campus office confirming that their printed ID card is ready for pick-up at our front reception desk during our in-person business hours.

Under normal circumstances, ID cards will NOT be mailed out nor can they be picked up by an alternate designate on the pictured student's behalf, due to privacy reasons.

All student loan funding is approved by and administered through Alberta Student Aid (ASA).

At this time, only Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and persons under protected status (e.g. documented refugees), are eligible to apply for student loans; international students are unfortunately ineligible.

Loans must be applied for on an as-needed basis. ASA's calendar year will always run from August 1 - July 31. That is, students wishing to apply for student loan funding with ASA for a Fall (Sept-Dec) semester will only be able to do so by no earlier than August 1st of that year. uLethbridge's own calendar year on the other hand will always run from May 1 - April 30.

Questions or need a loan confirmation of enrollment request? Contact the uLethbridge Scholarships & Student Finance Office at fin.aid@uleth.ca for assistance.

  • General information regarding student loans as an active uLethbridge student: link

STUDY SKILLS: Being a successful student involves more than just attending class and studying for exams - it takes hard work, dedication, and a commitment to the development of the skills needed to learn effectively and efficiently (e.g exam prep, time management/reducing procrastination, efficient note-taking and textbook reading, etc.). The SSC is here to help you take charge of your own learning, build your academic skills and confidence, and get the most out of your studies.

Questions? Contact the SSC office at student.success@uleth.ca

TUTORING SERVICES: The SSC additionally offers a number of group tutorials and help centres during the major Spring (Jan-Apr) and Fall (Sept-Dec) semesters to help support students in their course-specific success. At this time, no individual tutor matching is available.

***IMPORTANT: Not all courses/subject areas will have a dedicated tutoring group and not all semesters will have available tutoring (contingent on demand and staffing pool). The large majority of available tutoring groups for a given semester are mostly limited to 1000 and 2000-level courses and will often be held in-person at the Lethbridge Campus - that is, not all available tutoring groups will have online/virtual accessibility.

Questions? Contact the SSC office at student.success@uleth.ca (even for those who are interested in forming their own virtual/in-person tutoring groups)

By around the END-OF-FEBRUARY of each year, all uLethbridge students will be able to view and subsequently print the following tax slips for previous financial years (Jan-Dec), where applicable, via their own Bridge accounts > "Student" Tab > Student Account > Canadian Tax Forms, which can then be used to file one's individual TD1 Personal Income Tax Return for that particular tax year:

  • T2202 (Tuition and Enrollment) - Effective 2019 and onward, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) now requires students to include their social insurance number (SIN) on their respective T2202.
    • On your Bridge Account, go under the 'Personal Information' tab > 'Update Social Insurance Number (SIN)' to confirm that the number displayed is accurate. This number will be automatically pushed onto your T2202s, once they are available
  • T4A (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income) - Will only be made visible to students if and only if they were additionally awarded with scholarships, bursaries, or other financial awards for their studies during a given financial year.
    • If you were not granted any sort of financial award for a given financial year, then you will not have a corresponding T4A available for you to view/print
    • Scholarship money will not be taxable, so long as the student has a corresponding T2202 which states that they were a full-time student (i.e. 9.0+ credit hours earned during a given semester).


    • All owing fees and charges for the prior financial year must have been PAID IN FULL before your respective tax certificates can be viewed and accessed
    • Effective January 2013 and onward, all student T2202s and T4As must be digitally retrieved and downloaded online from one's own Bridge account. The university has long since discontinued the distribution/mailing out of paper copies.
    • T4 (Statement of Remuneration Paid) tax slips are exclusively reserved and generated for employed uLethbridge staff and faculty members, only

      QUESTIONS? Please engage the following offices:

      All non-Lethbridge based students are to purchase their course textbooks online through the uLethbridge Bookstore's e-commerce site, as the Calgary Campus currently does not have its own onsite/in-city shop, at this time.

      See our "Ordering Textbooks" handout: PDF iconordering_textbooks_non-lethbridge_campus_students.pdf

      Online published university fee schedules (updated annually)

      • Undergraduate tuition will always be assessed in direct proportion to the number of courses that the individual student registers themselves in, per semester
      • Graduate tuition assessments will vary by individual program (e.g. dynamic course-based tuition by term, fixed term-based tuition for a certain number of semesters followed by reduced continuation fees afterwards, etc.)

      Tuition (any academic-level) will never be assessed on whole programs as fees can always be subject to annual change, as authorized by the uLethbridge Board of Governors.

      Individual fee balances can be readily viewed on one's Bridge account > Log-in > “Student” Tab > Student Account > “Account Summary by Term” report > see “Term Balance” line item.

      • Balance reports for an approaching semester will be appropriately updated upon the first day classes for said semester, and no sooner. That is, you will not be able to see your owing fees for a given term if classes have not yet started.
      • Positive term balances indicate "money owed"
      • Negative term balances indicate "money credited/overpaid in excess"


      Questions about your individual balances/assessments? Contact the uLethbridge Cash Office at either cash.office@uleth.ca or 1-403-329-2469 (City of Lethbridge number) for assistance

      Term-specific (Universal) Tuition Fee Deadlines (all students in any program, academic-level, and campus):

      • October 1 - Fall (Sept-Dec)
      • February 1 - Spring (Jan-Apr)
      • June 1 - For ALL Summer terms (May-Aug)
        • Including those who are only registered in Summer II (July, only), Summer III (August, only), or Summer II/III (July-August) courses

      *Should any of these dates end up falling on either a weekend or a statutory holiday during a given year, then the respective payment deadline will simply be pushed to the next business day

      Accepted Payment Methods at the ULETH Calgary Campus Office
      1. MOST CONVENIENT: Online Bill Payment (Note: this is not the same as an E-transfer)
        • Funds are being transferred from the payer's CANADIAN BANK
          • Log in to your Canadian financial institution's (e.g. TD Canada, CIBIC, RBC, Scotiabank etc.) customer/client service website or mobile app
          • Payee = University of Lethbridge (institution name may vary from bank-to-bank)
          • Account Number = 9-digit uLethbridge student ID number (include all leading zeroes)
          • Allow between 1-3 business days for processing (but may take longer, depending on institutional processing times and total user traffic at the time of the digital transaction)
        • Funds are being transferred from the payer's INTERNATIONAL/NON-CANADIAN BANK
          • 1-of-2 possible methods: "GlobalPay" or "PayMyTuition
          • General Information on International Payment Methods at uLethbridge: link
          • Allow between 2-5 business days for processing (but may take longer, depending on institutional processing times and total user traffic at the time of the digital transaction)
      2. Canadian Interac Debit Card, in-office
        • Canadian financial institution-issued (e.g TD Canada, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, etc.) Debit, Visa-Debit, and MasterCard-Debit cards will be accepted
        • Please ensure that you have sufficient funds and are also mindful of your individual card's daily allotted transaction limit, prior to making your payment

      **The Calgary Campus Office currently does not accept the following for fee payments, at this time. Thank you for understanding:

      • Cash
      • Credit Cards
      • Money Orders
      • International/non-Canadian Debit Cards

      Interest charges, at a rate of the Canadian bank prime + 5%, and amortized over 12-months, will accrue on a monthly basis towards any outstanding accounts not paid in full beyond the deadline.

      It is important that ANY AMOUNT is both PAID AND POSTED either on or before the deadline  – even as little as $10.00 would be acceptable for those who are unable to pay their full balance up front – as doing so will secure one's “active student” status for the term.

      CAUTION: Should no money be paid/posted onto a student's account by the end-of-the-day on the associated term deadline, then the university reserves the right to cancel such students’ registration for “non-payment (NP). NP students, if they continue to pay no money towards their balances beyond the deadline, will eventually have their:

      1. Course registration privileges for future semesters frozen
      2. Moodle access disabled

      **In order for NP-coded students to be reinstated back into their term classes, they will be subsequently required to pay both the Cash Office-mandated reinstatement fee (currently designated at $100.00 CAD) + any other amount towards their tuition balances.

      Encountering issues with your online payment? Contact the uLethbridge Cash Office at either cash.office@uleth.ca or 1-403-329-2469 (City of Lethbridge number) for assistance

      As the University of Lethbridge Calgary Campus shares classroom space with Bow Valley College (BVC), all Calgary Campus-designated term courses which have been scheduled to take place onsite/in-person/face-to-face during a given semester will normally be held within one of BVC's own classrooms, which can in-turn be held within either of the college's South Campus (345 - 6th Ave SE) OR North Campus (332 - 6th Ave SE) towers

      • Classroom locations (once registered): Log-in to your Bridge account > “Student” Tab > Registration > “Student Detail Schedule” > see the “Where” field
      • Classroom Coding Scheme:
        • The leading "S" or "N" denotes the specific BVC tower
          • Bow Valley College S + (4-digit number) = South Campus tower-based classroom (building attached to the City Hall train platform)
          • Bow Valley College N + (3-digit number) = North Campus-based classroom
        • The first number following the “S” or “N” references the floor number
          • As a landmark example, the Calgary Campus Office's suite number is: S6032 = BVC South Campus tower, 6th floor
      • The +30 Walkway/Skybridge on 3rd floor of either the North or South Campus towers connects the two buildings together

      All online-delivered/"Online Campus" courses (campus code = “OL”) on the other hand will not have an official classroom location and will instead take place digitally via some combination of Moodle, Zoom, and/or other mediums, as determined by the primary course instructor(s).

      uLethbridge's online IT Store offers special academic discounts to both current students and alumni for a wide variety of technological products (hardware and software, alike) which can include, but are not limited to:

      • Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, and Powerpoint)
      • Statistical software (SPSS, Statistica)
      • Photo, Video & Design software (Movavi, CyberLink, MAGIX)
      • Other software applications from providers such as Adobe, VMWare, Parallels
      • Apple Store items
      • PCs, electronics, and related accessories from DELL

      Please be advised that these offers are available for personal/at-home use only.

      Questions or concerns? Contact the ULETH IT Solutions Centre at either help@uleth.ca or at 1-403-329-2490 (City of Lethbridge number)

      The uLethbridge Library has a number of resources and services that are remotely available to Calgary-based students. Some frequently accessed Library services include (but aren't limited to):

      Questions? Contact the ULETH Library's General Service Desk at either gsd.library@uleth.ca or connect with them via their Instant Messaging (IM) tool here

      The University of Lethbridge unfortunately does not offer a UPASS for any Calgary-based students at this time, as our location is too small to qualify for one. The university's currently existing UPASS benefit is exclusively reserved for Lethbridge Campus-based students only as its usage scope is restricted for use within the City of Lethbridge’s own municipal transit area and surrounding – that is, it cannot be transferred for use in Calgary.

      For now, only the Calgary Transit-mandated fare options are available to those who plan on utilizing Calgary public transit to commute to and from BVC for their in-person ULETH classes, with the most economical being either a monthly adult transit pass (for Full-Time students) or a booklet of 10 tickets (for Part-Time students), as sold by:

      • Established CT offices or the CT online store;
      • Participating Retailers (e.g. Shoppers Drug Mart, London Drugs, Petro-Canada, 7-11, the Customer Service desks at Co-op grocery store locations, etc.)
      • The MyFare App (available through the App Store and Google Play)

      Transit fare rates can be subject to annual change and will need to be paid for by the individual student, out-of-pocket.

      It should be noted that the implementation of a UPASS is technically motioned by the appropriate student government body, rather than central administration. At uLethbridge, these would be the University of Lethbridge Students' Union (ULSU) for undergraduate students and the Graduate Students' Association (GSA) for graduate students.

      For those who would like to engage in a discussion with either the ULSU or the GSA about considering a UPASS for Calgary-based students in future, please reach out to the following contacts, going forward:

      All successfully admitted uLethbridge students can generate and download a digital copy of an up-to-date Verification of Enrollment (VOE) letter via their own Bridge accounts:

      • Log-in with Bridge credentials (laptop or PC works best) > "Student” tab > Verification of Enrollment Letters
        • Select either “General Use” or “RESP” in the drop down box that says “Letter” – depending on what you need the VOE for
          • Note: The RESP-versions will display more information (e.g. date of birth, mailing address, program of enrolment etc.) when compared to the General Use iteration
        • The “Term” drop down box will default to either the student’s current semester of registration or to the most recent semester from when they last took classes at the university if they are not active for the current semester
        • Click the “Generate” button.
        • Hit Ctrl + P on your keyboard to either print a hard copy of this letter, OR select “Adobe PDF/Print to PDF” rather than an actual printing device in order to save it as a local pdf file, if you need a soft copy

      The information on these letters will automatically update with every semester that you remain a student with uLethbridge as the content is directly linked to both your course registration and current program of enrollment.

      Questions or Concerns? Contact the uLethbridge Registrar’s Office at regoffice@uleth.ca


      **IMPORTANT: Bridge-generated VOEs CANNOT be used for student loan or IRCC/immigration/Canadian residency purposes. They can only be used for other matters that include but are not limited to: setting up a new (student) bank account, applying for housing accommodations, employer-requested background checks, etc.