25-Course Post-Diploma Bachelor of Management Degree

Flexible Degrees for Working Adults

If you hold a two-year diploma from a recognized academic institution, even if it's in an unrelated discipline, you may be eligible to earn a Bachelor of Management in as little as two and a half years. Contact us to evaluate your diploma!

Students admitted into this program must take 25-courses to complete the Bachelor of Management program. Students in this program can pursue the General Management major only.

The Co-operative Education program is available to all continuing students enrolled in undergraduate studies at the U of L in Calgary.

Students may wish to consider the option of declaring a minor to supplement their respective academic program for variety of reasons. These reasons can include but are not limited to: broadening overall depth of knowledge, building a foundation for an intended career path, or even pursuing one out of sheer personal interest. A single minor will consist of 6 distinct courses which will need to be completed in addition to all of the required coursework in a given student’s primary program and major; a maximum of 2 minors (i.e. 12 additional courses) can be declared in a single program. However, at this time, minors are not mandatory for graduation purposes.

At this time, the following 6 undergraduate minors are available to Calgary Campus students: Accounting, Marketing, International Management, Population Health, Health Leadership, and Mental Health.