Shining Student - Erin Davis

Erin Davis

Erin Davis | Psychology/Religious Studies


"Get to know your professors, and utilize their knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend doing an applied or independent study, or both. This way you can focus your learning and experiences on something you are passionate about."

Favourite Class: Concepts and Methods in the Study of Religion
Favourite Social Activity: Therapy dogs
Favourite Study Spot: Breakout rooms in the Library

My uLethbridge experience:

  • Volunteered for Lethbridge Family Services: Immigrant Services, working with the Bhutanese seniors of Lethbridge on a gardening project
  • Working with our on campus mental health educator to plan and implement stress reduction activities for students, along with educational individuals about mental health issues
  • Dr. Mather has guided and inspired me on my educational path, in a very supportive and compassionate manner
  • Being able to contact and meet with professors who will spend time answering questions and supporting you in your future goals makes all the difference
  • I was able to complete two independent studies. This is an excellent way to study something you are passionate about that may not be offered in any other class