TEXTS - Spring 2022

UPDATED:  2021 Nov 25

The following may be subject to change; please check with the course instructor.

CPSC 1000A J. Anvik No textbook required
CPSC 1620A R. Benkoczi Programming in C++ (Vahid & Lysecky) - zyBook online
CPSC 1820A D. Gaur Discrete Mathematics (zyBook)
CPSC 2610A H. Li Digital Design (Mano)
CPSC 2620A S. Hossain Problem Solving with C++ (Savitch)
CPSC 2720A J. Anvik Software Engineering (Somerville) RECOMMENDED
CPSC 3200A H. Cheng Competitive Programming 4 (Book 1) (Halim & Halim) OPTIONAL
    Competitive Programming 4 (Book 2) (Halim & Halim) OPTIONAL
CPSC 3615A H. Li Computer Architecture (Parhami)
CPSC 3620A S. Hossain Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis in C++ (Weiss)
CPSC 3630A D. Daur Introduction to the Theory of Computation (Sipser)
CPSC 3710A H. Cheng Interactive Computer Graphics (Angel & Shreiner)
    OpenGL Programming Guide (Kessenich) OPTIONAL
CPSC 3750A Y. Chali Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Russell)
CPSC 42/52/7210A R. Benkoczi No textbook required
CPSC 43/53/7310A Y. Chali Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (Russell)
CPSC 4660A W. Osborn Fundamentals of Database Systems (Elmasri)
MATH 0500 A/B E. Gomez-Riviere Precalculus (Stewart)
MATH 0520A E. Gomez-Riviere Precalculus (Stewart)
MATH 1410 A R. Pantangi Open source
MATH 1410B B. Miraftab Open source
MATH 1510A M. Fakhari Open source
MATH 1560A TBA  
MATH 2000 A/B A. Fiori Open source
MATH 2560A S. Fitzpatrick Open source
MATH 2565A S. Fitzpatrick Open source
MATH 2580A A. Akbary Open source
MATH 3410A S. Fitzpatrick Open source
MATH 3461A H. Kadiri Elementary Number Theory & Its Applications (Rosen)
MATH 3500A A. Akbary Elementary Analysis: The Theory of Calculus (Ross) OPTIONAL
MATH 4310A J. Archibald Open source
MATH 45/55/7505A N. Ng No textbook required
STAT 1770 A/B A. Eftekhari Targhi Open source
STAT 1770C A. Adatia Open Source
STAT 1770Y A. Adatia Open source
STAT 2780A J. Archibald Open Source
STAT 3510A A. Adatia Mathematical Statistics with Applications (Wackerly)
STAT 3700A J. Sheriff  
STAT 3850A J. Sheriff