Katie Couture | BSc Kinesiology

Katie Couture was born in Castlegar, British Columbia and grew up in Canmore, Alberta. She graduated from Canmore Collegiate High School in 2005, and started her BSc (KNES) in September 2009.

Prior to university, Katie trained as an EMT at the Alberta Health & Safety Training Institute. After working in EMS for a few years, she enrolled in Neuroscience at the University of Lethbridge with the intention of applying
to medical school. After completing a few KNES courses in her 2nd year to fulfill some General Liberal Education Requirements she opted to switch her major to Kinesiology. Katie will begin graduate studies in the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education in September 2014 under the co-supervision of Dr. Tom Hazell and Dr. Jennifer Copeland.

As an undergraduate student in the Department, Katie has found opportunities beyond the classroom to get involved! She has been working for Dr. Tom Hazell in the Exercise Nutrition and Health Research Laboratory since January 2013 – first as an Independent Study student and now as a Research Assistant. The initial study assessed the effect of training modality (cycling or running) on sprint interval training (SIT) performance and physiological enhancements. The measures included VO2max tests, time trials and Wingate tests. She is still actively recruiting a few more subjects for that study if anyone reading this is interested! Most recently, she completed data collection on SIT excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC). Katie was also a Research Assistant for Dr. Luc Martin and Dr. Tom Hazell on a Sport Science Association of Alberta grant, collecting data through the summer of 2013.

Outside of the classroom and lab, Katie is a member of the Runner’s Soul Marathon Club and is currently training for the Vancouver Marathon and the Lost Soul Ultra 50km in Lethbridge. Last year she completed Ironman Calgary. Some would say that she is addicted to endurance sports! During the past 5 years, Katie also found time in an already very busy schedule to volunteer at the Lethbridge & District Humane Society.

Katie’s nominating professor describes her as “an enthusiastic, driven, and hard working student who is inquisitive and professional in all our her duties. She is the kind of student you wish you had more of…”