History Department FAQs -- Fall 2020

1) Where do I go on the first day of class?

Each History class is going to be a little different this fall, but all of your profs will be in touch before classes begin to let you know what to expect as the term starts. What you can do to prepare is to check your U of L email and log in to Moodle (the university’s learning management system) frequently for all the latest updates about your courses. If you’ve never used Moodle before, click this link and then enter the same username and password you use for your U of L email.

2) How do I get my textbooks?

You can order all your textbooks from the U of L bookstore now, and choose whether you want the bookstore to mail them to you or if you will use their curbside pickup service. More courses than usual will also be using ebooks this fall.

3) Will my courses be synchronous or asynchronous, in other words meeting live or not?

Each course will be different, but most courses will be a blend of the two, so contact your instructors for more information.

4) Why can’t I get credit for History 1000 and History 1200?

Unfortunately, the Registrar’s Office considers these two courses to be “substantially similar” and will only give you credit for one of them towards your degree. If you are currently registered in both, you should pick which one you are more interested in and drop the other.

5) Can I still get books from the library? How do I write my research papers if the library isn’t open?

The library is offering a book retrieval service until the building can safely re-open. If you aren’t in Lethbridge, you can also use the interlibrary loan (ILL) service to request books, and the staff will do their best to get the book you want to you. You still have complete access to the library’s extensive collection of electronic resources, from scholarly journal articles to ebooks and primary sources.  

The History LibGuide

Don’t hesitate to contact the subject specialists with specific questions!

6) How can I submit my assignments or see my grades?

Moodle gives your instructors the option to accept your assignments, return graded assignments with feedback, and let you see your grades.

7) Do I have to be on campus to write exams?

No, all of your exams will be online, so you can take them where ever you happen to be. Exam formats will vary, and in some cases, you may need steady access to WIFI but, again, your professor will provide all this information.

8) How will I get to meet other students?

The History department has a very active student club, the History Undergraduate Society, and they are already planning a series of fun online events for the fall to help you meet other students and get to know the History profs better. The club emails details about all of its events to all students registered in History courses, and they also have their Facebook page.

9) What if I need to talk to an advisor?

For any questions about your History courses or program, you can contact the department’s undergrad advisor at sheila.mcmanus@uleth.ca, and each Faculty also has advisors to help with any questions and concerns.

10) What other resources are available?

The department offers drop-in tutoring sessions led by our graduate students, and those will start up again later in the fall. Check out the department’s website for more information.

All other university services are happy to connect with you online! Here are just a few of the sites you can check for more information and support: