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    Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: This site provides links to electronic texts, as well as to a host of resources for the study of ancient history and history in general. A search of this site and its links will benefit any researcher.
    The American Classical League: Dedicated to the study and teaching of the classics, this site offers many useful links, particularly under its TEXT section, where links to Greek and Latin electronic texts can be found..
    Perseus Project: A stellar site for advanced study of Greek literature and the classical world. This site offers electronic versions of Greek texts and English translations, along with lexicons and other useful tools. A huge database of photos adds to the usefulness of this site. A Roman project is in development.
    The Internet Classic Archive: This site offers a search tool of over 400 Greek and Latin texts in English translation. A great site for doing quick English word searches in classical texts.
    The Ancient Greek World: A database of photographs of some of the artifacts on display at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Each photo has a brief description. Sections deal with "Land and Time," "Daily Life," "Economy," and "Religion & Death."
    Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World: A particularly rich collection of bibliographies dealing with a range of topics related to women in the ancient world.
    Vatican Museum: Hundreds of photos related to the early Christian and classical world, though the collection here has a wider interest.


    The Ecole Initiative: A four-star Magellan site offering a wealth of material for the study of early Christianity. Extensive collection of primary texts and images, and a fairly extensive glossary. A more limited section contains articles on a few of the important topics in the field. A helpful time-line is also provided.
    Resource Pages for Biblical Studies: This sites provides links to a substantial collection of materials on the world of the New Testament, and of the Roman world generally. Divided into five sections, it covers texts, electronic studies, aspects of the Mediterranean social world, computer technology, and a special section of Philo of Alexandria.
    New Advent Catholic Supersite: On this site, you'll find St. Thomas Aquinas's Summa Theologica, the classicCatholic Encyclopedia (3,001 articles, and growing), and a large collection of ancient Christian writings in the Church Fathers collection.
    Guide to Early Church Documents: Largely a site with links to electronic versions of primary texts (New Testament and patristic), but with some chronological helps and a few general links.


    Byzantine & Medieval Links Index:The purpose of this site is to provide links to all relevant sites on the internet. A good place to start. The site provides good links to sites dedicated to the ancient world too.
    On-Line Reference Book for Medieval Studies: The site for medieval studies, with extensive links to other relevant sites. The site offers a range of materials. Articles are peer-reviewed, and electronic texts of hundreds of documents are available in the library section. A limited but useful selection of bibliographies can be found here too. A short bibliographical section for the non-specialist is also provided.
    Internet Medieval Sourcebook: An up-to-date, extensive site for any study of the Medieval world. In addition to listing electronic texts, it offers links to photos, maps and images, as well as to a list of over 200 movies with a medieval theme. This Sourcebook is part of a larger project, involving Ancient and Modern collection aswell (see appropriate links on this page).
    The Online Medieval & Classical Library: A small but useful collection of electronic texts.
    Byzantium: Byzantine Studies on the Internet: A central site for the field, with numerous links to other resources.


    Internet Modern History SourceBook: Excellent site with thousands of electronic texts, as well as guides for studying history. This site covers the period from the Reformation to the present, arranged chronologically, making it easy to determine whether the site has a revelant text for the period being studied.