High School Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) Program Community Referee Form

Note: Please use this form only. Any accompanying letters will be disregarded.

The University of Lethbridge and Alberta Innovates are pleased to offer a summer research program to exceptional Grade 11 students currently registered in an Alberta high school. The High School Youth Researcher Summer (HYRS) program is designed to give Grade 11 students from around the province first-hand experience of biomedical and health research and introduce them to research career opportunities. Students will work on health research projects in the laboratories and work environments of participating researchers who are faculty at the University of Lethbridge. Students will be supervised by the faculty member or by a member of the research team.

HYRS will be placing students in a position of trust with the university researchers, some of whom work with hazardous materials. The HYRS participants will be working on projects that will be used in the scientists’ ongoing research. Therefore, the HYRS participants’ work will have an effect on the scientists’ professional reputations. HYRS participants will also be working, with a diverse group of people. To ensure the success of the HYRS program and the personal well-being of the participants, the organizers must select not only the most accomplished applicants but those who will conduct themselves in a mature, responsible manner at all times.

Your candid remarks are much appreciated and will be used in an appropriate and confidential manner to help us select HYRS participants. Community referees cannot be related to the applicant and must be from outside the applicant’s high school. The deadline for applications is March 24, 2023.

The submission deadline for REFERENCES (Teachers (2) and Non-Academic/Community) is Friday, March 24, 2023, at 4:00pm MT.

On a scale of one (weakest) to five (best) please answer the following: