Emily Demyen | General Major: Social Science (Co-op)

Emily Demyen


"Get to know yourself and follow the path that makes YOU happy."

Favourite Class: Sound(s) & Society
Favourite Social Activity: Going for coffee
Favourite Study Space: Cozy chairs in Markin

My uLethbridge experience:

  • My co-op work term has been the biggest confidence boost because I was finally able to recognize my unique skills and abilities
  • Exceptional professors whose passion radiate in the classroom, have taught me how to think through things critically, which has served me a great deal
  • Merging Animal Assisted Therapy and Art Therapy (HLSC3850) was the coolest course I've ever taken
  • We are so lucky to attend a university that prioritizes liberal education
  • I love being surrounded by so many aspirational academics - it's contagious!