Marc Roussel's new textbook

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is proud to announce Marc Roussel's new book "A Life Scientist's Guide to Physical Chemistry".

Marc Roussel says, "Cambridge University Press has just published my book entitled A Life Scientist's Guide to Physical Chemistry, which is based on my experience teaching physical chemistry to a mixed audience of chemists and biochemists at the University of Lethbridge over the last decade and a half."

There are a lot of examples, many of which are of direct biological relevance. I've tried to discuss a few surprising applications for the life science students, such as the physical chemistry behind the wood frog's overwintering in the frozen state, and the physico-chemical evidence for the remarkable longevity of the bowhead whale.

It contains a large number of exercises (350+), many based on biological applications. The exercises aren't confined to the ends of chapters. Rather, I've put many of them within the chapters to encourage the students to study continuously. There's also a selection of end-of-term problems at the very end of the book that is intended to help prepare students for a final exam.

Answers to every single exercise, except for the end-of-term exercises, are included in the book. Fully worked solutions and answers to the end-of-term review problems are available to instructors (password protected) at