Graduate Studies

Individualize Your Graduate Experience

Research is traditionally undertaken by students pursuing a Master’s (MSc) or a Doctorate (PhD). Your undergrad degree will prepare you for post-graduate studies, whether you choose to pursue your Master’s or PhD here at the University of Lethbridge or another institution anywhere in the world.

The University of Lethbridge recognizes the importance of quality graduate education for students and offers graduate degrees in diverse disciplines, including a Master’s (MSc) or a Doctorate (PhD) degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry. There are several professors accepting application to the Graduate Studies Program under wide-ranging areas of expertise, so please explore these opportunities further.

Co-operative Education Option
The Co-operative Education Option is available to students for the Master of Science (MSc) programs. Co-operative education is an educational model that formally integrates academic study at the master’s level with relevant, paid work experience in appropriate employment fields such as government, institutions, and industry. The University, the employer, and the student are in partnership to ensure an enriching experience toward the student's professional development.

Further information and details concerning admission and requirements may be obtained from the Faculty of Arts and Science Office of Career Bridge (Co-operative Education): AH151; tel. 403.329.2000; email or via the Co-op website.

To find out more about Graduate Studies opportunities, please visit the School of Graduate Studies or contact the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry.