Project Placement Program

2022 & 2023

Are you looking to grow your skills in your field of study or area of interest? Something that will work around your schedule and can be integrated into your planning guide for course credit?

Through the Project Placement program, not only will you gain skills related to your field or area of interest, but you will also receive integrated professional development.


How it Works

Supported by Co-operative Education and Work Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada, these Project Placements provide students with paid local projects (ex. social media, content generation, videography, etc.) to develop their skills for future work experience. Students will receive $1,800.00 as an award for completion of the program. Students are only eligible to receive one project placement per semester. 

As part of the project placement requirements, students must complete the following in addition to an academic component:

Project Placement

Approximately 5-10 hours/week dedicated to completing your project. At the end of your project placement, you will be asked to provide a prototype of your project to the project placement host.

Professional Development

Students must attend three professional development (PD) sessions throughout the course of the semester. Please see the Agility calendar for professional development opportunities.


An academic component must be tied to the project placement through either:

* Because this experience is grant funded, some grant requirements must be completed in order to complete the program (ex. A demographics survey). 
** Pre-approved integrated courses include the following: GEOG 3700, GEO 4710, and NMED3900.



The Project Placement

You will be able to apply for a list of projects provided by local entrepreneurs, non-profits, and uLethbridge departments. Once accepted by the employer, you will work on the project throughout the semester and will submit a prototype, sample, or final draft of your project.

To see the full list of positions

Applied Studies Page


From the list of Project Placements, select your top two or three positions and submit a project placement application form. You can find a link to the sample project placement form below. Because the application form is a Qualtrics link, we recommend filling out the sample project placement form separately and then copying and pasting your content into the official form.

Deadline to submit your Project Placement Application Form is Saturday, September 10th at 11:59 PM. However, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Project Placement Application Form


To help with your application, please feel free to use this word document to collect information.

Practice Placement Application Form

Deadline to submit your Project Placement Application Form is Saturday, September 10th at 11:59 PM. However, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Employers will have until Wednesday, September 14th to confirm their project placements and students. Interviews are conducted and positions are accepted on a rolling basis, however, you will be notified about your acceptance into Project Placement Position shortly after September 14th at the latest.


Academic Component

  • Applied Studies Courses
  • Disciplinary Credit

Applied Studies Courses

Design a 3-credit course around your Project Placement. Work with an employer, an Applied Studies Instructor, and an Academic Supervisor.  Learn more about this option and then book an appointment.

Applied Study Cohort > APST 2010: Professional Practice and Development

Join the Applied Studies Professional Practice & Development course and work to enrich your professional and academic experiences. This course will meet a few times over the semester and provide you a structure to support your Work-Integrated Learning. 

Class Integration

The following courses are available for registration as part of the project placement program:

  • GEOG 3700
  • GEOG 4710
  • NMED 3900

Please note, these courses have their own project placements that will not be found on the Applied Studies Job Board.


Professional Development

As part of the Project Placement Program, you will be required to attend three professional development opportunities hosted by Agility. Examples of these opportunities include:

  • Equipment Training Sessions  
  • Professional Headshots
  • Linked In
  • Resume Writing
  • STEM Fusion
  • Makers Making Change Workshops

For the complete list of professional development opportunities, visit the Agility Events Calendar 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, attending three professional development sessions throughout the semester is required.

$1,800.00 of taxable income per student is available.

No, a resume or cover letter is not required, but might be helpful in securing a project placement. The project placement application form includes a section to fill in certain components from a resume or cover letter.

Supporting documents that would be helping in your application include:

  • Resume
  • Portfolio examples in your area of interest